Resumes for Management Positions Should Focus on Performance

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If you are candidate looking for a management-level job, your resume shouldreflect how your skills will position you to be a strong team leader and effective supervisor.

In their updated edition of their book "Expert Résumés for Managers and Executives," co-authors Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark noted that job seekers need to develop a strong performance-based resume that will show he or she is a well-qualified and highly competitive applicant.

-Focus on the job you want

You cannot write an effective resume without knowing, at least to some degree, what type or types of positions you will be seeking, the co-authors stressed.

Once you determine the type of job you want to apply for, you need to tailor each resume for that specific position using keywords that will show you have researched the company and understand various aspects of the business.

-Use management-related keywords

After you have included some of the keyword on your resume that you gleaned from the job description, you should also add industry and performance-related keywords specific to managers such as asset management, business development, community engagement, corporate administration, executive leadership and contract negotiation.

Online resume samples will also help you determine important keywords that will work best for your particular field.

-Identify your most valuable skills

While many companies list the types of skills they are looking for on their job posting, you need to think about your top three most valuable qualifications that highlight your abilities as a successful manager.

Career expert Amit De told Business Insider that job seekers should identify their 3 most valuable skills that will make hiring managers want to find out more about them. De said that candidates can then include their other qualifications as a way to "fine-tune" their resumes .

-Sell it, don't tell it

Enelow and Kursmark said  a job seekers need to use his or her resume as a way to describe how their talents can benefit a business, and make sure it is not just a laundry list of work history and accomplishments.

If you 'tell it,' you simply state facts. If you 'sell it,' you promote it, advertise it and draw attention to it, they noted.

By promoting yourself as an effective manager, your resume becomes "interviewable," said Enelow and Kursmark - which is an important tool that makes potential employers want to learn more about you.

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