How Resume Personal Metrics Can Improve Your Job Search


In today's challenging job market candidates must do all they can in order tostand out in a crowded field of qualified applicants.

If you have been searching for work in your field for a while, you may need to tweak your resume to impress hiring managers and recruiters and highlight your skills, which will underscore your value as a potential employee that will benefit any business.

One way to create a better resume is to stress personal metrics - concrete examples of the quantifiable effects you've had on a department, team or company.

-Provide measurable achievements

When you add personal metrics to your resume you need to include figures that demonstrate the scope of your accomplishments including the budget, number of people you affected and the positive impact you made.

Resume expert Laura Smith-Proulx said you can define these number either in terms of revenues or volume. For example, if you had a leadership role for a company that grew 320% during your tenure, you should include how that expansion affected the intensity and quantity of your workload, as well as how the level of your responsibility grew over that time.

She said how you word your accomplishments are just as important as the achievements themselves. For instance, you should reword a sentence such as "Closed sales of software products to hospitals" to "Earned 3 promotions as a top producer despite market share losses to 14 new competitors," which will have a much more powerful impact.

-Assess and compare

When writing a personal metrics-based resume, assess how your results compared to your predecessor or peers. You can pull out numbers and percentages or cost-savings comparisons to others that held the same level of responsibility, which will instantly demonstrate your effectiveness.

You can use an online resume builder to help you determine which format you should use for your metric-based resume that best suits your career field.

-List firsts

Smith-Proulx said that applicants should also include any firsts they had in your career, or any firsts within a company while they were working there. If your company was the first to launch a certain product or offer a new service, you should add this to your resume to prove you were part of a strong team.

By listing your accomplishments and showing tangible results, potential employees will see that you will be a an effective employee who will get the job done.

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