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Jessica Claire
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Focused on promoting intellectual, emotional and social development in children through proactive classroom and playground management. Knowledgeable about organizing supplies, developing lesson plans and introducing relevant topics in age-appropriate ways. Desire to offer abilities to new role with [Company] focused on supporting [Type] kids.

Committed [Job Title] devoted to giving children warm and nurturing environments. Skilled in organizing and leading educational activities, monitoring behavior and preparing healthy meals to meet nutrition requirements. Observant, caring and hardworking with focus on promoting development and wellbeing.

Kind and knowledgeable Childcare Provider well-versed in maintaining safe and nurturing environments for children of different ages. Excellent communicator with good organizational, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. Seeking permanent role with growth potential.

Hardworking childcare professional experienced in planning lessons, handling dietary restrictions and maintaining tidy work areas. Familiar with needs of children from [Age] to [Age]. Certified in CPR and First Aid.

Customer-focused Cashier Team Lead with driven work ethic and documented record of excellent guest service. Friendly with strong communication and interpersonal skills to maintain loyal business. Offering great problem-solving skills to quickly address customer questions and concerns.

Motivated Beverage Supervisor with expertise managing hospitality programs that increase sales and revenue. Positive team leader training and developing employees to achieve success. Customer-focused with exceptional community building and interpersonal skills.

Compassionate WIC Nutritionist with exceptional ability to develop trust and rapport with program applicants. Offering [Number] years of experience in nonprofit settings managing up to [Number] cases per week. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Business-savvy Commercial Manager offering [Number] years of progressive experience in [Type] industry. Managing and building high-performance teams to execute on company strategy. Keen analytical and strategic planning abilities to deliver long-range success.

[Job Title] with talent for [Task] and [Task]. Strong knowledge of [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Communicative and team-oriented with proficiency in [Software]. Proven history of fostering [Action] to meet team, individual and management objectives.

Ambitious student pursuing [Area of study] degree eager to contribute developed knowledge in [Job Title] role. Skilled in [Skill] and [Skill] in [Type] settings. Adaptable and driven with strong work ethic and ability to thrive in team-based or individually motivated settings.

Hardworking and reliable [Job Title] with strong ability in [Task] and [Task]. Offering [Soft skill], [Soft skill] and [Soft skill]. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality.

Organized Community Assistant coordinating multiple tasks to deliver seamless operations. Offering [Number] years in [Type] environments with proven success improving efficiency and effectiveness. Compassionate and empathetic with strong relationship-building and communication skills.

Competitive Customer Service Sales Specialist skilled at building relationships and securing new business. Friendly with superior communication, interpersonal and problem-solving abilities. History of increasing sales and revenue using consultative techniques.

Engaging Counselor in Training passionate about promoting camper self-esteem through fun, collaborative activities. Excellent communication skills with campers, peers and parents. Committed to safety by implementing camp standards and procedures.

Motivated to apply education and [Type] abilities to enhance [Type] operations. Eager to learn new skills and advance knowledge with hands-on experience. Proficient in [Software] and [Software] with advanced interpersonal abilities.

Reliable Carpenter's Assistant with strong mechanical acumen and experience supporting carpenters in projects. Detail-oriented with track record of high-quality and precise workmanship. Communicating with customers to convey project progress and issues.

Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes.

Caring Wildlife Rescue Volunteer passionate about animal welfare and rehabilitation. Offering strong team collaboration skills to effectively execute animal care routines and activities. Hardworking with excellent organization and documentation skills.

[Area of study] student seeking internship in [Area of expertise] to gain hands-on experience. Strong technical proficiency with work history in [Area of expertise]. In-depth knowledge of [Software] coupled with [Task] and [Task] abilities. Proven history of [Soft skill] and [Soft skill].

Compassionate Critical Care Nurse with [Number] years of nursing experience in [Type] settings. Strong crisis management and triage skills to assess and attend to needs of multiple patients. Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to deliver exceptional quality of care.

Talented [Job Title] and team leader offering [Number] years of success in [Type] environments. Strategic thinker with [Area of expertise] proficiency. Offers proven ability to build effective teams and [Task] Committed to identifying and leveraging opportunities for growth. Certified in [Area of certification].

[Type] executive offering [Area of expertise] expertise gained through [Number] years of [Industry] successful contributions. Motivating leader with history of building and managing [Type] teams. Proficient at identifying [Type] issues and integrating [Type] solutions to achieve [Result]. Strong relationship builder works well with stakeholders and corporate teams.

Outgoing Birthday Party Host passionate about creating fun and enthusiastic environments to celebrate birthdays. Organizing and implementing activities to engage participants and create enjoyable events. Excellent relationship-building skills with all age groups.

Enthusiastic individual with superior skills in working in both team-based and independent capacities. Bringing strong work ethic and excellent organizational skills to any setting. Excited to begin new challenge with successful team.

[Job Title] with demonstrated command of [Area of expertise]. [Type] expert with developed aptitude for [Action] and [Action]. Multilingual and fluent in [Language] and [Language], offering solid comprehension of cultural diversity.

Helpful Customer Experience Agent passionate about delivering exceptional customer service to promote loyal business. Pleasant demeanor and excellent problem-solving skills. Dedicated to researching and identifying complete and lasting solutions to customer problems.

Determined Closer with documented success in competitive, fast-paced sales environments. Track record of exceeding expectations and sales goals to drive profit and revenue growth. Collaborating with team members to deliver exceptional customer service.

Caring COTA with extensive experience working with [Type] populations to promote health and functionality. Compassionate with gentle demeanor and well-developed communication skills to support patients' progress. Detail-oriented with strong problem-solving skills to create adaptations for patient activities.

Strategic Chief Accountant offering progressive experience in financial leadership settings. Motivating teams to top performance through mentoring, training and coaching to achieve company goals. Partnering with executive teams to provide financial insight into long-range business planning and decision making.

Dependable and caring [Job Title] bringing skills in activity planning, safety monitoring and behavior modification. Experienced in working with children between ages [Number] and [Number] in small and large groups. Capable of organizing events, crafts and field trips to provide diverse enrichment opportunities.

Kind and cheerful Childcare professional with [Number] years of experience nurturing and caring for children. Successful at directing playtime, enforcing positive behavior and applying behavior redirection and appropriate discipline to manage challenges. Proven track record of planning activities to keep children entertained long-term.

Successful at helping children grow and develop through hands-on activities, educational support and adequate rest. Knowledgeable about childhood development and strategies to enhance wellbeing. Well-versed in maintaining discipline and providing optimal support.

Responsible [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience guiding children in [Type] setting. Inspired by leading fun activities to teach new skills and encourage development. Focused on respectfully enforcing rules for health and safety of children.

Focused on enhancing academic, physical and emotional development of young children. Successful at promoting discipline, focus, good behavior and appropriate social skills. Bringing [Number] years of related experience.

  • Housekeeping abilities
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Creative arts talent
  • Early childhood knowledge
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Sanitation understanding
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Reading skills
  • Equipment Operation
  • Perimeter patrol
  • Team Building
  • Relationship Development
  • Problem Resolution
  • Administrative support
  • Supervision
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Acccounts Receivable
  • Safety inspections
  • Communications
  • Organization
  • Customer Service
  • Entry management
  • Team Management
Child Care Provider, 09/2019 to Current
Archdiocese Of San AntonioSeguin, TX,
  • Assisted children in developing fine motor skills in preparation of preschool and kindergarten.
  • Read stories to children, facilitated discussions and tied books into learning opportunities.
  • Taught children how to complete basic crafts such as paintings, drawings and decorations.
  • Incorporated music and art activities to encourage creativity and expression.
  • Organized and planned age-appropriate lessons involving reading, crafts, [Type] and [Type].
  • Enforced rules to teach manners and maintain safe environment.
  • Communicated with parents or guardians about daily activities, behaviors and upcoming events.
  • Engaged groups of culturally diverse children in creative, safe and focused setting.
  • Cleaned up spills promptly and conducted thorough sanitizing every [Timeframe] to control infections.
  • Assisted children in development of social, communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Kept children safe and secure at all times.
  • Secured indoor and outdoor premises to protect children under care.
  • Implemented and oversaw activities centered on promoting learning and imaginative play.
  • Recorded information about behavior, food served and medications administered.
  • Established and maintained safe, supportive and welcoming environments for children of all backgrounds.
  • Improved group and individual behavior with positive management strategies.
  • Observed and monitored play to identify developmental strengths and target areas for enrichment activities.
  • Cared for up to [Number] children ranging in age from [Number] to [Number].
  • Led developmentally appropriate activities for [Type] and [Type] children.
  • Encouraged positive behaviors, including patience with teachers and fellow kids.
  • Balanced schedules to provide optimal rest, play and educational periods.
  • Led children in tidying up, handwashing and [Task] to teach responsibility.
  • Developed and implemented lesson plans based on ages and abilities of class children.
  • Cleaned toys, play equipment, dishes and other surfaces to keep facility sanitary.
  • Maintained organized and clean classroom and work areas.
  • Used techniques such as positive reinforcement and behavior modeling with instill discipline in children.
  • Provided nurturing and appropriate environment for children ranging in age from [Age] to [Age].
Certified Lifeguard, 05/2018 to 10/2019
City Of CharlestonCharleston, WV,
  • Patrolled [Type] areas to identify anyone in need of assistance and provide immediate care.
  • Contacted emergency personnel and provided aid while waiting for further assistance.
  • Garnered valuable advice to new swimmers on specific techniques and provided tips on building strength.
  • Monitored behaviors for safety violations and took steps to prevent further violations.
  • Maintained strong proficiency in CPR, First Aid and [Type] rescue techniques to provide optimal support to individuals in distress.
  • Consistently complied with pool regulations and policies while encouraging staff to adhere to guidelines.
  • Kept equipment in good working order with frequent inspections and minor repairs.
  • Maintained neat and clean pool area and clean water at all times.
  • Kept watch over swimmers to ensure fast response when distress situations arose.
  • Partnered with fellow team members on new customer service program to ensure seamless transitions.
  • Performed basic life support, including CPR to stabilize individuals prior to ambulance arrival.
  • Supervised maintenance of [Type] and [Type] areas and notified [Type] department of issues requiring immediate resolution.
  • Alerted patrons to immediate storm conditions by directing them to exit water immediately.
  • Communicated issues, including [Type] and [Type] to supervisor for assistance with remediation.
  • Reminded patrons to walk carefully and avoid running around or near pool edges to prevent falls.
  • Performed CPR on rescued individuals until paramedics' arrival, resulting in [Number] positive outcomes.
  • Cleaned, brushed and vacuumed pool [Number] times per day.
  • Identified emergency situations, including potential drownings and entered water within [Number] [Timeframe] for lifesaving measures.
  • Explained safety rules and procedures regarding [Type] and [Type] activities to patrons and guests to inform and educate.
  • Coordinated outside resources such as [Type], [Type] and [Type] to facilitate activities.
  • Conducted [Timeframe] inspections of pool and removed any obstacles that could impede line of sight, including trash, toys and [Type].
  • Collaborated closely with [Job title]s to identify areas of concern and most effective methods for remediation.
  • Optimized customer service by resolving issues quickly and with courteous demeanor.
  • Monitored [Type] area for signs of distress and immediately moved into action when emergencies occurred to alleviate potential injuries or fatalities.
  • Informed patrons of unsafe or hazardous conditions, including [Type] and provided options for alternative activities.
  • Handled [Type] and [Type] situations using [Skill] and [Skill] and escalated [Type] issues to [Job title] for immediate resolution.
  • Led swimmer instructional lessons with participants of varying ages to share optimal swim techniques and build strength.
Barista, 08/2018 to 10/2018
Space NeedleSeattle, WA,
  • Restocked counter and customer areas to maintain adequate items levels for expected needs.
  • Addressed and resolved customer concerns by [Action] and [Action] to maintain brand loyalty.
  • Protected customers by regularly cleaning and sanitizing work areas and equipment.
  • Merchandised display cases and diligently promoted prepared foods to drive business revenue.
  • Prepared more than [Number] drinks per shift with high accuracy and consistently strong customer satisfaction.
  • Memorized official and off-menu preparations to serve all customer beverage desires.
  • Listened to customer desires and needs to recommend optimal products.
  • Cleaned and sanitized work areas, utensils and equipment.
  • Greeted guests with pleasant smile and superior customer service.
  • Passed [Number] inspections by following health, safety and sanitation guidelines.
  • Monitored cafe for seating availability, safety and well being of guests.
  • Educated customers on beverage menu items and provided samples of daily brews.
  • Increased use of recycling and compost programs through [Action], reducing trash waste by [Number]%.
  • Developed knowledge of [Region] teas, including growing practices and flavor profiles.
  • Protected store assets and facilities by ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Brewed approximately [Number] batches of coffee per [Timeframe], keeping watchful eye on levels to avoid empty machines during peak shop hours.
  • Weighed, ground and packed coffee per customer orders.
  • Described menu items to customers and suggested products based on stated preferences.
  • Maintained highest standards of conduct and service to support company reputation.
  • Greeted over [Number] customers daily, answered questions and recommended drinks and pastries.
  • Supported store manager with recruiting, interviewing and hiring baristas.
  • Resolved customer disputes with tact and professionalism.
  • Decreased food and utensil waste by [Number]% through [Action].
  • Cleaned equipment, disposed of waste, closed registers and carried out other closing duties.
  • Managed inventory by establishing and adjusting ordering parameters, accurate forecasting and monitoring waste.
  • Managed [Number] team members, including scheduling, training and conflict resolution.
  • Prepared and served hot and cold beverages such as coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffees and teas.
  • Redesigned coffee menu for improved readability.
  • Provided customers with product details such as coffee blends and preparation descriptions.
  • Designed and printed menus, recipes and promotions and offers.
  • Properly cleaned all equipment, including [Type] and [Type] and sanitized counters to avoid illness.
  • Managed morning rush of over [Number] customers daily with efficient, levelheaded customer service.
  • Received and accurately processed customer payments.
  • Increased sales by [Number]% through leading regular coffee and tea tastings, showcasing seasonal items and reinforcing staff expertise.
  • Enthusiastically engaged customers during busy periods to keep mood light and fun.
  • Maintained clean and organized workspace, enabling coworkers to locate resources and product.
  • Developed creative and appealing latte art techniques and instructed coworkers in method.
  • Checked temperatures of freezers, refrigerators and heating equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Organized service and seating areas.
  • Ordered, received and stocked supplies and retail products.
  • Created hand-crafted beverages based upon customer preferences, resulting in [Number]% increase in sales.
Education and Training
High School Diploma: , Expected in 05/2020 to Ottumwa High School - Ottumwa, IA
Associate of Arts: , Expected in 05/2021 to Indian Hills Community College - Ottumwa, IA

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Ottumwa High School
  • Indian Hills Community College

Job Titles Held:

  • Child Care Provider
  • Certified Lifeguard
  • Barista


  • High School Diploma
  • Associate of Arts

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