Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000,
Professional Summary

Upbeat and energetic childcare provider with Child and Infant CPR/First Aid knowledge. Supports educational, entertainment and home requirements for parents. Responsive, dependable and vigilant with highly protective nature. Outgoing child caregiver with experience caring for children while providing encouragement and kindness. Expert at guiding playtime, leading exercise activities, and teaching rules. Creative planner with gift for keeping children engaged long-term with fun activities. Kind and considerate Babysitter with great recommendations earned by providing individualized care. Led exciting and safe activities while setting examples for appropriate social behavior. Talked with children about personal interests to build relationships and trust. Attentive nanny with background caring for multiple children simultaneously. Positive role model focused on supporting development and teaching new skills. Certified in first aid and CPR with dedication to creating safe, inclusive and engaging learning environments for all children. Seasoned Sales Representative with exceptional success in business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales within multiple industries. Proven track record in exceeding sales goals, growing business, and expanding territories. Accomplished in overseeing day-to-day business operations and fostering relationships with customers and clients for sustained business growth. Energetic Sales Representative offering demonstrated success identifying prospects and converting leads into customers. Superior communication skills with ability to understand client needs and close sales. Recognized for creativity and resourcefulness in meeting and exceeding sales, revenue and profit goals. Senior Sales Representative with successful background in sales and team leadership. Consultative sales expert with history of exceeding quotas, building customer bases and capitalizing on valuable business opportunities. Vivacious individual well-educated in determining customer needs based on personal features and other customer preference related factors. Offering in-depth knowledge of cash register operations, EDI and graphics software. Attentive listener with excellent multitasking, communication and organizational abilities. Veratile Restaurant Waitress ready to serve discerning customers in high-end dining rooms. Specializes in delivering sophisticated cuisine and exclusive beverages. Talented at pleasing demanding customers and earning return patronage from picky clients. Tireless Restaurant Waitress skilled at supplying customers with memorable dining experiences and unforgettable service. Talented provider of fast, friendly order reception and food delivery. Accurately fulfills all special requests and addresses individual customer needs to support optimal dining experiences. Talented Server bringing skills in order management, payment processing and upselling. Stay current on menu items and consistently offer targeted recommendations to meet individual customer needs. Knowledgeable about handling special dietary requirements and general food safety standards. Motivated Cocktail Waitress with experience successfully serving customers in busy, fine dining restaurants. Recognized for significantly increasing guest check averages by promoting appetizers, specialty items and unique wine selections. Collaborative, thoughtful team leader with clear, comprehensive and directive supervision. Dedicated food service professional well-versed in food and beverage operations and guest services. Experienced in managing large-scale events or intimate gourmet dining and afternoon tea services. Successful at building relationships with customers to increase loyalty and repeat business. Dedicated De Ja' Vu Larmy Flynts Hustler Club professional with history of meeting company goals utilizing consistent and organized practices. Skilled in working under pressure and adapting to new situations and challenges to best enhance the organizational brand.

  • PPE Guideline Compliance
  • Special Requests and Substitutions
  • Staff Training
  • Cool Under Pressure
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Order Accuracy and Delivery
  • Food Safety Standards if I find a resteraunt job.
  • Age Verification
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Conflict and Complaint Resolution
  • Transactions and Cash Handling
  • Able to Lift 30 Pounds
  • Menu Memorization and Presentation
  • Team Player
  • Warm and Friendly
  • Microsoft Office
  • Multitasking and Prioritization
  • Courteous Phone Demeanor
  • Decision Making
  • Reliable and Responsible
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Reservations Management
  • High Volume Dining
  • Covid Symptom Screening
  • Menu Recommendations
  • High Energy and Stamina
  • Team Leadership
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Workflow Coordination
  • Service-Oriented
  • Specials Promotion and Upselling
  • Relationship Building
  • Upselling and Cross Selling
  • Point of Sale Systems
Work History
01/2012 to 11/2018 Child Care Provider North Country Academy | Orlando, FL,
  • Communicated with parents regarding child's behavior, daily activities and concerns.
  • Worked with supervisors to facilitate snacks, arts and crafts and naptime.
  • Set up playroom and childcare areas for safety and cleanliness.
  • Sanitized dishes, tabletops, toys and frequently touched surfaces to prevent spreading of germs.
  • Provided continuous supervision to children during indoor and outdoor activities to maintain safe learning and playing environments.
  • Promoted good behavior with positive reinforcement methods.
  • Enforced rules and managed behavior through developmentally appropriate discipline.
  • Prepared healthy foods and beverages for children based on optimal dietary guidelines and individual restrictions.
  • Applied positive behavior management techniques to enhance social interactions and emotional development.
  • Maintained effective schedule balance between rest periods, active play and instruction.
  • Complied with strict safety and organizational regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Observed play activities to identify positive behaviors and areas in need of improvement, implementing behavior redirection where appropriate.
  • Taught children to organize toys, wash hands and share by leading by example.
  • Monitored entrances and exits to maintain safety and organized environments.
  • Kept notes of behavior issues, food served and medications administered to children.
  • Maintained positive demeanor to facilitate stable, consistent environment.
  • Encouraged child involvement in classroom experiences and group interaction.
  • Modeled appropriate activities and positive behavior management.
  • Instructed children in health and personal habits, including eating, resting and toileting.
  • Planned and guided age-appropriate tasks like reading, crafts , science videos if old enough and projects.
  • Distributed food, napkins and beverages in preparation for snack time.
  • Assisted children with putting on coats and cold-weather gear before going outside.
  • Planned and guided age-appropriate tasks like reading, crafts and learning how to read.
  • Arrived at assigned areas on time, prepared and ready to work.
  • Assisted children with regular handwashing and wiped down hard surfaces often to minimize germ spread.
  • Helped children put on coats, gloves and other cold-weather items in preparation for outdoor activities.
  • Transported two children to and from school and various extracurricular activities.
  • Prepared and served nutritious and healthy meals, including breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  • Developed healthy relationships with two children to provide support and guidance in learning.
  • Repaired office equipment and ch
  • Repaired office equipment and children's play area toys.
  • Relieved head teacher and toddler teacher during break periods, supervising 3 children in safe environment.
  • Developed healthy relationships with 6 children to provide support and guidance in learning.
  • Developed healthy relationships with 2 children to provide support and guidance in learning.
  • Dedicated 7 years working closely with neurodiverse children at various levels.
  • Transported 2 children to and from school and various extracurricular activities.
  • Developed healthy relationships with 2 children to provide support and guidance in learning.
  • Developed healthy relationships with 13 children to provide support and guidance in learning.
  • Taught children educational games to reinforce learning of alphabets and numbers.
  • Administered prescribed medication in pill, liquid and shot format.
  • Created and implemented diverse educational strategies to boost development.
  • Updated records of contact, medical and progress information.
  • Maintained childcare center schedule in alignment with parent needs.
  • Documented and reported behavior issues or accidents to parents, minimizing future problems.
  • Introduced children to educational games and activities to boost learning.
  • Planned and guided age-appropriate tasks like reading, crafts and art.
  • Assisted older children with homework assignments, providing support and mentoring.
  • Met with parents about daily activities, positive developments and issues.
  • Served as positive role model, promoting healthy interpersonal behaviors.
02/2017 to 10/2021 Avon Cosmetic Seller Bluegreen Resorts | Atlanta, GA,
  • Created enjoyable atmosphere for customers by engaging patrons in positive and entertaining conversation.
  • Resolved customer complaints while prioritizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Kept front check out area clean and organized for efficient service.
  • Maintained customer satisfaction with forward-thinking strategies focused on addressing customer needs and resolving concerns.
  • Placed new merchandise on shelves and racks in appealing, organized arrangements to drive sales.
  • Responded to customer needs through competent customer service and prompt problem-solving.
  • Developed community reputation through commitment to customer satisfaction and strong client relationships.
  • Answered customer telephone calls promptly to avoid on-hold wait times.
  • Processed payments and returns with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Demonstrated high attention to detail, organization, and ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.
  • Offered advice and assistance to customers, paying attention to special needs or wants.
  • Exceeded team goals and collaborated with staff members to implement customer service initiatives.
  • Trained and regularly mentored associates on performance-oriented strategies and customer service techniques.
  • Followed through with client requests to resolve problems.
  • Responded to customer requests for products, services and company information.
  • Addressed customer complaints and mitigated dissatisfaction by employing timely and on-point solutions.
  • Resolved product or service problems by clarifying customer's complaint, determining cause of problem and selecting best solution to solve problem.
  • Answered customer questions about product availability and shipment times.
  • Responded to customer inquiries via phone, email, and web-based platforms.
  • Engaged customers in conversation to uncover needs with probing questions and overcome objections using persuasive techniques.
  • Provided primary customer support to internal and external customers.
  • Informed customers about special promotions and provided detailed information for various products.
  • Conducted training and mentored team members to promote productivity, accuracy and commitment to friendly service.
  • Provided customers with detailed information on company products, services and materials.
  • Offered internal and external customers first-rate customer service to maximize satisfaction and business success.
  • Assumed ownership over team productivity and managed work flow to meet or exceed quality service goals.
  • Reached out to customers to offer assistance with account and service issues, as well as propose new makeup and jewelry choices.
  • Assessed and offered solutions to improve procedures and customer experiences.
  • Maintained clean personal appearance, modeled store's outfits when working clothing department settings and wore uniforms per company policy.
  • Communicated with management about trends in customer calls to help team efficiency and success.
  • Monitored phone, fax and electronic database systems for incoming customer inquiries.
  • Recommended potential products or services by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs.
  • Cultivated customer loyalty, promoted repeat customers and improved sales.
  • Adapted to new applications and maintained knowledge of current technologies.
  • Multitasked effectively to simultaneously handle website chat and telephone customers' needs.
  • Recommended products to customers and suggested other options if preferred product was unavailable.
  • Energized and motivated in performing sales floor activities including merchandising and selling.
  • Surpassed performance goals by approaching all interactions with resourcefulness, organization and customer-centric solutions.
  • Assisted customers with needs such as opening accounts, depositing or transferring funds, updating account details and signing up for new services.
  • Embraced spotlight on customer service by creating courteous, friendly atmosphere for guests.
  • Took payment information and other pertinent information such as addresses and phone numbers to place orders.
  • Researched and corrected regular, advanced and long-standing customer concerns to promote company loyalty.
  • Answered average of 75-80 calls, emails and faxes per day, addressing customer inquiries, solving problems and providing product information.
  • Explained charges, fees, terms of sales and service agreements to at least a hundred customers daily.
  • Demonstrated items to customers and created customer awareness, interest and sales.
  • Answered constant flow of customer calls with minimal wait times.
  • Carried out opening and closing functions to meet operational needs underpinning strong customer service.
  • Contributed to company achieving and holding industry-leading customer service ratings.
  • Scanned merchandise and bagged using appropriate strategies for different items.
  • Coordinated paperwork and payments for new orders and replacement parts to obtain speedy service for each customer.
  • Maintained accurate and current customer account data with manual forms processing and digital information updates.
  • Facilitated communications through management of inbound and outbound customer calls.
  • Assisted customers with setting appointments, special order requests, and arranging merchandise pick-up.
  • Submitted completed orders quickly to maximize delivery efficiency.
  • Developed solutions for customer independently and with manager.
  • Developed and actualized customer service initiatives to decrease wait times.
  • Reinforced established quality control standards and followed procedures for optimal customer interactions.
  • Liaised with customers, management and sales team to better understand customer needs and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Answered inbound customer queries according to internal policies, meeting all concerns and resolving all questions.
  • Maintained open lines of communication with external and internal customers.
  • Applied creative thinking to client questions and concerns absent from scenario-based response manuals.
  • Provided empathetic and amiable communications to callers in stressful situations to support constructive outcomes and satisfactory resolutions.
  • Attended virtual department meetings, contributing to ongoing improvement initiatives and addressing emerging performance concerns.
  • Communicated with customer to understand needs and concerns.
  • Maintained functional and productive workspaces, prioritizing quiet atmospheres for call quality and clarity.
  • Recommended changes in process and procedures based on customer feedback.
  • Organized customer information and account data for business planning and customer service purposes.
  • Educated clients on account services and resolved client inquiries regarding statement information and account balances.
  • Identified, monitored and resolved potential problematic customer issues.
  • Resolved minor to moderate technology faults, supporting constant availability and consistent performance.
  • Monitored metrics and developed actionable insights to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Increased efficiency and team productivity by promoting operational best practices.
  • Improved operational efficiencies while managing customers requests, store inventory, transactions, new purchase orders and pricing needs.
  • Fielded customer questions regarding available merchandise, sales, current prices and upcoming company changes.
  • Reviewed repeated issues within operations and business management to solve problems and improve company outcomes.
  • Used consultative sales approach to understand customer needs and recommend relevant offerings.
  • Exceeded performance targets consistently by maintaining strong call control and calm in stressful situations.
  • Educated customers on company systems, form completion and access to services.
  • Directed customers to appropriate departments for additional support.
  • Handled day-to-day customer contact via phones, faxes and emails.
  • Issued receipts and processed refunds, credits or exchanges.
  • Verified accuracy of customer account information and updated when necessary.
  • Complied with company policies and procedures by encouraging positive and effective work environment among all employees.
  • Troubleshot customer service issues with methodical approach, eliminating impossible quickly and focused on implementing relevant, actionable solutions.
  • Maintained 60mminute call time by using strong listening, consultative and problem-solving abilities and using scripted sequences to address all concerns.
  • Educated customers on best-fit selections by listening to personal desires and purchase limitations.
  • Assisted in training new employees and participated in cross-training with other departments.
  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings by addressing issues and fostering timely resolution.
  • Gained in-depth understanding of company products, systems and policies to give customers expert support.
  • Enhanced productivity by staying on top of call scripts and maintaining control over direction of conversations.
  • Promoted strong customer satisfaction by diagnosing and troubleshooting product issues without need for escalated support.
  • Completed special projects by using effective decision making, critical thinking and time management skills.
  • Identified customer issues with products or services, investigated causes, and initiated resolutions.
03/2013 to 06/2019 VIP Cocktail Waitress Deja Vu Showgirls | City, STATE,
  • Maintained updated knowledge of drink menu items, promotions, specials and liquor and beer brands and used persuasive selling techniques to maximize sales.
  • Presented menus to patrons, answered questions about menu items and made recommendations to promote customer satisfaction.
  • Preserved table appearance by removing clutter and trash, frequently checking drink levels and providing sufficient napkins.
  • Processed orders and facilitated customer payments using POS system.
  • Prepared and maintained prep station by refilling garnishes and cleaning and drying glasses, silverware and plates.
  • Assessed guest demeanor and behavior to minimize disturbances, notifying bouncer of any unruly situations.
  • Greeted new customers, discussed specials and took drink orders.
  • Maintained customer satisfaction with timely table check-ins to assess food and beverage needs.
  • Served alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in bar environment.
  • Used communication and problem-solving skills to resolve customer complaints and promote long-term loyalty.
  • Stayed up-to-date on menu changes to help customers make food choices.
  • Checked identification for minimum age for sale of alcoholic beverages.
  • Collected dirty flatware and glassware to deliver to sanitizing station.
  • Built solid rapport with many frequent patrons to cultivate guest loyalty.
  • Assisted with bartending duties during high-volume shifts.
  • Applied comprehensive knowledge of wine, cider and beer to increase daily beverage sales.
  • Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to increase shelf life, improve kitchen organization and provide easy access during busy peak service times.
  • Determined customer preferences to suggest appropriate cocktails and increase sales.
  • Maintained high levels of bar safety by closely monitoring guests' conditions and discontinuing service or asking patrons to leave.
  • Achieved monthly sales goals by using successful strategies to promote specials, desserts and alcoholic beverages.
08/2019 to 12/2021 Waitress Horseshoe Casino & Hotel | City, STATE,
  • Performed dining room sanitation tasks such as spill cleanup, table sterilization and removal of any apparent waste or refuse.
  • Performed specialized alcoholic beverage services such as bottle openings and chiller setup.
  • Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to increase shelf life, improve kitchen organization and provide easy access during busy peak service times.
  • Quickly reset and cleaned up tables after customers left to enable speedy turnaround and guest flow.
  • Collaborated with kitchen staff to correctly update customers on unavailable dishes and wait times.
  • Used communication and problem-solving skills to resolve customer complaints and promote long-term loyalty.
  • Kept server areas clean and stocked to increase efficiency while working tables.
  • Greeted new customers, discussed specials and took drink orders.
  • Completed credit payments via card processing systems.
  • Sustained calm and congenial manners during communications with angry guests, directing disgruntled clients to appropriate managers.
  • Participated in dining room sidework such as refilling condiment bottles, preparing menus and arranging silverware packages.
  • Applied comprehensive knowledge of wine, cider and beer to increase daily beverage sales.
  • Achieved monthly sales goals by using successful strategies to promote specials, desserts and alcoholic beverages.
  • Enlisted coworkers' assistance for multi-order delivery to avoid spilling or dropping food.
  • Cultivated warm relationships with regular customers.
  • Maintained detailed knowledge of all specials and currently available items to provide guests with informative menu descriptions.
  • Upsold high-profit items such as appetizers and mixed drinks to enhance sales numbers.
  • Noted special patron requests and followed up with kitchen to confirm delivery.
  • Explained menu items and suggested appropriate options for food allergy concerns.
  • Used slow periods to restock supplies, ice, trays and delivery bags.
  • Arranged and prepared tables for customers to offer memorable experiences to guests and foster repeat business.
  • Worked with POS system to place orders, manage bills and handle complimentary items.
  • Stayed up-to-date on menu changes to help customers make food choices.
Expected in 05/2012 High School Diploma | Parkway High School, Bossier City, LA GPA:
Limited Working

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  • Parkway High School

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  • Child Care Provider
  • Avon Cosmetic Seller
  • VIP Cocktail Waitress
  • Waitress


  • High School Diploma

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