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The tennis industry is booming in the United States. With a recorded 17.68 million tennis-playing individuals in 2017, it has grown in popularity as a competitive and recreational sport in the U.S. There are more opportunities for tennis coaches in the United States than ever before. Tennis coaches are involved in group practices or one-on-one coaching at schools, universities or clubs.

A tennis coach must embody professionalism, sportsmanship, and excellence to inspire and motivate players. Our expertly written tennis coach resume example shows you how to articulate your skills and experience to help you win your next big role.


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What is a Tennis Coach ?

A tennis coach is a certified sports professional dedicated to training and enhancing a tennis player’s performance. They are athletic trainers with an in-depth knowledge of tennis rules and regulations. Some of their key responsibilities include developing tailored programs for players to enhance their talent and unique skill sets. They can train individuals as well as coordinate group training lessons to compete in championships.

A tennis coach assesses players’ performance and provides strategic insights. A stand-out tennis coach possesses the right mix of hard and soft skills to both teach players the mechanics of the game and motivate them to reach their highest potential.

What Makes This a Great
Tennis Coach Resume Example?

If you are a passionate tennis coach with a knack for educating professional athletes, an impressive resume is the first step towards acing your next job application. Our tennis coach resume example is written by certified resume writers who have extensive knowledge of what recruiters look for in top applicants. Studying our resume examples will show you what a strong tennis resume looks like. Here’s how:

  • Powerful written content: Our tennis coach resume example uses industry-specific language, such as “forehand techniques,” “baseline play” and “certified fitness instructor,” which you can use as-is or customize when you write your own resume. Or, use our Resume Builder which will offer similar pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Helps you choose the right resume format: The resume format you choose should be based on your level of experience. In the resume example above, the applicant utilizes a combination format, which allows her to highlight both her career progression and her skills. Highly-experienced job seekers should consider a chronological format, while entry-level applicants should choose a functional resume format.
  • Selecting a suitable template: Tennis coaches work with a variety of clients in varied settings. Consider the employer you seek to work for when selecting your resume template. For example, a high-end tennis club might call for a conservative resume design, while a more whimsical design might work for a role as a children’s tennis instructor. Our builder offers a library of resume templates to suit every type of employer.

3 Tennis Coach Professional Summary Examples

A well-written professional summary can compel a recruiter to read your entire resume. Our tennis coach resume example, crafted by certified resume writers, shows you how to write an impressive summary of your own. Here are three examples to consider for your tennis coach resume:

  1. Passionate tennis coach with three years of experience teaching children with physical and emotional challenges tennis skills. Compassionate, patient and skilled at problem solving and conflict resolution. Trained in CPR.
  2. Certified tennis professional with extensive experience coaching women and doubles in league tennis. Monitored player’s progress and developed tailored programs to improve techniques, and game plan. Persistent and patient during challenges.
  3. Seasoned tennis coach with a three-year winning streak at state final. Trained private and group tennis sessions to improve game and stroke performance. Developed monthly seminars for players of all age groups and abilities on fitness, nutrition, technique and mental health.

3 Tennis Coach Work Experience Examples

Our professional writers have crafted some strong work experience examples for job seekers to take inspiration from. Use our tennis coach resume example to understand how to best write your own resume. Here are three suggested examples for this section:

  1. Designed and executed customized techniques and programs to enhance coordination and performance while working closely with team nutritionists and counselors to improve mental and physical strength.
  2. Implemented effective training directives to boost the serving skills of players in three levels of group lessons and conducted weekly reviews of their performance to find opportunities for improvement.
  3. Enforced a safe practicing environment while instructing players at the 3.0-4.0 level on game strategies and correct principles.

Top Skills for Your Tennis Coach Resume

Coaching tennis requires a unique mix of technical skills and personality traits to be successful. Your tennis coach resume should have the right mix of hard and soft skills to prove you can do the job. To accomplish this, study our tennis coach resume example or choose from this list of skills:

Hard Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of international rules and regulations
  • Certified Tennis Professional USTA
  • CPR and AED certification
  • 6.0 NTRP ranking
  • Eco-friendly designing
  • GPS and GIS software
  • Project management
  • Critical thinking

Soft Skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Management skills
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Goal setting

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Tennis Coach FAQs

Do I have to be a professional tennis player to become a tennis coach?

No. The most important aspect is being knowledgeable about tennis and able to impart the knowledge that you have to others. However, an aspiring tennis coach needs immense on-court training to gain expertise as well as complete knowledge about the game. Tennis coaches are typically well-played professionals with years of training and experience competing in high-level competitions and tournaments.

What qualities do sports clubs or professional tennis players look for in a tennis coach?

Apart from the experience of playing tennis and having the qualifications to become a coach, tennis coaches should exhibit the passion they have for the game. Patience, having a keen eye to spot problems, excellent communication skills, and a positive and encouraging attitude are some qualities that both recreational and competitive tennis players look for in their coach.

How much does a professional tennis coach make?

A professional tennis coach is at the highest level of the chain. There is significantly less data on the average salary of a professional tennis coach. However, they do vary based on the hours of work and training they provide. Some reports suggest that the average salary of a professional tennis coach ranges between $50,000 to $60,000. Most tennis coaches also have a bonus clause in their contract along with an estimated percentage (10-15%) of the players’ earnings.