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The football industry is growing at a rapid rate. The number of people playing tackle football in the United States in 2018 was around 5.16 million, while there were roughly 6.57 million people playing flag football during the same period.

Football coaches are vital to the sport and the demand for good coaches in schools and universities is on the rise. Our football resume example is written by professional writers to assist you in making a great impression.


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What is a Football Coach ?

A football coach is an accredited sports trainer responsible for operating and directing a team of football players. Their primary objective is to assist players in developing their physical and technical skills. A football coach can begin as a teacher or sports administrator at the high school level. Extensive experience and a winning record at the college level can grant them the NFL coach position.

Football coaches may require a college degree in a field such as physical education, sports medicine or sports psychology depending on which level of the sport they hope to coach. All football coaches need a thorough knowledge of the game. Some coaches choose to pursue professional certifications and special training, such as CPR training.

What Makes This a Great
Football Coach Resume Example?

A strong resume improves your chances of landing the job. One of the key factors to success is to understand the recruiter’s interest and job requirements. Our football coach resume example is written by certified resume writers who possess an understanding of what hiring managers seek when hiring a coach. Here are three ways our resume examples can help you learn to write your own resume:

  • Strong written content: As a football coach, your resume must highlight your skills and experiences. Our certified resume writers understand how to incorporate the right mix of skills and industry-specific terms into a resume. Study our examples to learn to write your own or use our Resume Builder, which will offer pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Helps you choose the right format: Choosing the right resume format for your professional level is critical to putting your best foot forward. The example above uses a  chronological resume format, which is perfect for showcasing the experience and skills of this seasoned football coach. Less experienced applicants should opt for a functional or combination resume format to place more of a focus on their skills and training.
  • Choosing an appropriate resume template: Choosing an appealing and appropriate  resume template can go a long way in landing you your desired job. As a sports coach, your template should reflect the organization to which you are applying. For example, an applicant for a role at a summer camp might choose a more casual resume design, while an applicant for a Division I football coach would likely want to choose a more conservative design.

3 Football Coach Professional Summary Examples

A well-written summary improves your chances of getting selected. LiveCareer’s football coach resume example shows you how. Here are three professional summaries to consider for your football coach resume:

  1. Enthusiastic and driven football coaching professional with over six years of high school and college coaching. Proven ability to guide athletes towards excellence through an emphasis on both physical and mental fitness. Strong communication skills, empathy and high expectations combine to create strong individuals and winning teams.
  2. An accomplished football coach with in-depth knowledge of the game. Highly skilled professional with 15 years of experience developing improvement programs for athletes of all age groups. Effective communication and collaboration skills. Adept at drafting offensive schemes on the field.
  3. Five years of experience as the assistant coach at the college level. An impressive track record of managing programs, recruiting and developing plans to improve the nutrition and fitness of athletes. Special training in weight training and yoga to develop balanced athletes.

3 Football CoachWork Experience Examples

Writing an impactful work experience section can be stressful. You must emphasize your key achievements and accomplished goals to solidify your position. Our football coach resume example will assist you in choosing a suitable format for your profile. Here are three suggested examples for this section:

  1. Developed physical conditioning programs to improve stride rate development which resulted in a 5% improvement in players’ overall speed in timed trials.
  2. Built positive rapport with a youth league team of 22 athletes while teaching different football-specific skills and principles and enforcing discipline and order, both on and off-field.
  3. Planned and supervised training sessions to recommend an effective game strategy, which resulted in a 12-3 finish for the season.

Top Skills for Your Football Coach Resume

The best football coaches motivate and inspire their team to give their best by putting their skills to good use. This requires a mix of hard and soft skills. Our football coach resume example, written by certified resume writers, shows you how to articulate those skills on your resume. Here are some skills to consider for your football coach resume:

Hard Skills

  • UEFA and USSF Pro Licensed
  • B-level coaching certification
  • Advanced technical knowledge
  • In-depth understanding of the game

Soft Skills

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Organized 
  • Patient and disciplined
  • Motivating and communicative

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Football Coach FAQs

Does one need to be a professional football player to be a football coach?

No, a football coach does not have to be a professional football player to teach players. While there are some advantages, your talent as a player has no bearing on your ability to motivate, inspire, and train a group of players. Even if you have not been a player, you must have complete knowledge of the game, technique, rules and regulations to help players develop and improve their game.

Which section of a football coach’s resume should be highlighted the most?

If you have been a coach, highlighting your coaching background in your work experience section is the best way forward. Quantify your accomplishments using numbers and metrics, such as the number of competitions won by teams under your coaching and individual achievements made by players under your tutelage. If you are new to coaching, you should highlight your training, skills and certifications and your own accomplishments as a player if you were one.