Elementary Teacher Resume Examples

One of the challenges when composing an effective resume is determining what skills and qualifications to include to put your best foot forward. LiveCareer’s elementary school teacher resume examples are designed to help. Our examples show you how to write, format and design a resume that highlights your credentials to make a great impression.


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What Is a Elementary School Teacher?

Elementary school teachers educate young students about fundamental subjects such as reading, spelling, math and science. They create lesson plans, grade assignments, enforce classroom rules and communicate with parents about children’s progress and challenges. Instruction often includes lectures and hands-on activities that help children learn how to solve problems and think critically.

Teachers work with students of varying abilities and must be able to accommodate lesson plans for different levels and personalities. Most positions require a bachelor’s degree, although some teachers may hold a post-baccalaureate certificate or master’s degree.

What Makes This a Great
Elementary School Teacher Resume Example?

If you are looking for the ideal job, your resume needs to demonstrate essential skills and abilities. Using resume examples is a great start when composing a compelling document. Our elementary school teacher resume examples can help you with the following:

  • Strong resume content: A strong elementary school teacher resume will use keywords and phrases that relate specifically to the job. Our resume examples show you the most sought after skills to add to your resume. Written by certified resume writers, they include critical keywords and phrases like classroom management, adapting lesson plans, collaborating with administrators, technology integration and student testing. Or, use our builder, which will recommend pre-written resume content for you to add to your resume.
  • Ideal resume format: The example uses a chronological format, which showcases the applicant’s strong work history. The applicant lists her experience in reverse chronological order and demonstrates a career progression from teaching assistant to elementary teacher. For entry-level or very experienced job seekers, a functional or combination resume format might be more appropriate.
  • Resume template choice: As a job seeker, you need to catch the employer’s attention right away with an eye-catching resume design. Here, the applicant chose a resume template with muted colors and a clean design. Unless you are applying at a very conservative school, elementary school teachers could also consider a more colorful design.

3 Elementary School Teacher Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary gives the hiring manager an overview of the skills and qualifications you bring to the job. Write your elementary school teacher professional summary by reviewing the example above, or use the following summaries as inspiration.

  1. Experienced elementary school teacher with effective communication skills. Able to develop lesson plans that emphasize core standards and are adaptable for different learning styles. Ability to use conflict-resolution techniques for minimizing disagreements among students.
  2. Friendly teacher with over 10 years of experience working with elementary students. Adept at using creativity to develop fun methods of learning while ensuring information retainment. Cooperative and able to collaborate with parents and administration to improve learning environment for students.
  3. Elementary school teacher with more than five years of experience managing classrooms with an average of 25 students. Patient, with ability to work with students of varying backgrounds and abilities. Strong belief that utilizing positive enforcement instruction techniques encourages academic and personal growth.

3 Elementary School Teacher Work Experience Section Examples

Your elementary school teacher work experience section outlines your professional past and shows the impact your work has had on the success of past employers and students. Our resume examples show you how to add metrics to show what you will bring to the table if hired.

  1. Developed and implemented creative lesson plans for classroom of 24 students of varying skills; designed hands-on activities to foster interest and curiosity.
  2. Communicated with parents on a regular basis to update them about their children’s progress; recommended solutions for struggling students.
  3. Prepared students for standardized testing, with the majority of students landing in the 90th percentile.


Top Skills for Your Elementary School Teacher Resume

The builder provides examples of skills that are relevant to a job as a teacher. If you want to stand out, use these industry-specific skills or similar ones.

Hard Skills

  • Children’s educational software
  • Special education certification
  • Mastery in language arts, science, arithmetic and social sciences
  • Curriculum design

Soft Skills

  • Organized with ability to keep lessons on track
  • Collaboration with teachers and administration
  • Engaging personality with strong communication skills
  • Creative and adaptable

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Elementary School Teacher FAQs

How can teachers make an attractive resume?

The most attractive teacher resumes are those that make relevant information easy to see. The introduction must generate interest by showcasing personality, core competencies and key strengths. Make your resume stand out by using eye-grabbing words like “differentiated instruction,” “student motivation” and “multicultural awareness.” Use bullet points and positive action words.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a teacher?

Teachers have numerous responsibilities throughout the course of a day. They plan instruction for, and teach, core subjects for standardized test preparation and education advancement. They grade tests and other assignments. They develop classroom rules and enforce them. They also observe students as to their abilities and weaknesses and communicate concerns with parents.

How do you describe teaching on a resume?

In the work history section, you need to demonstrate your abilities in a quantifiable form. Use action verbs such as demonstrated, instructed, developed, assessed, communicated, supervised, adapted and facilitated. Use metrics such as number of students or percentage of testing improvement, and include all awards like “Teacher of the Year.”