Summer Teacher Resume Example

Summer teachers take on courses during the summer break and often teach courses that are seasonal and are not available during the traditional academic semester. Depending on the hiring institution or university, these courses may be made available on short notice and may come with short-term contracts, so school administrators may have to accelerate the application and staffing process. To land a summer teaching position, you’ll need to move quickly and present an outstanding resume that can quickly move you to the top of the list. Use this summer teacher resume example to guide your layout and formatting decisions as you move forward.

Summer Teacher Advice 

Teaching jobs are available year round--and qualified summer teachers are always needed. We’ve developed these resume examples specifically for teachers. Use them as a starting point in creating your own summer teacher resume, and update them as necessary. Choose from multiple template options to give your resume the look you want. Click on any of the resume examples below to get started, and move forward in your teaching career with a compelling resume!

Resume Tips for Summer Teacher 

If you are looking for jobs as a summer teacher, you will want to put to use certain effective job seeking skills. The following tips will help keep you on track during this important process.
1. Stay positive. Above all else, keeping a positive mindset will allow you to keep things in perspective and remember that your unemployment is only temporary. You might consider joining a support group to connect with others in the same situation.
2. Set goals for yourself. One of the most effective way of maximizing your time and productivity is to set goals for yourself that can be accomplished on a daily or weekly basis. For instance, you might try to send out a certain number of resumes per week.
3. Keep an open mind. While you may have had your sights set on a particular field or industry, keeping your mind open to all options will allow more opportunities to come your way.
4. Reach out to your network. Don’t hesitate to connect with personal or professional contacts who may be able to offer insight into the job market. Any advice will be valuable, and you never know where your next job lead could come from.
5. Make a presence on social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to expand your network. These websites also help potential employers find your professional profile.

Summer Teacher Job Seeking Tips 

When it comes to finding jobs as a summer teacher, your resume works as your calling card. Make sure your resume stands apart from the others by following the tips below.
1. Don’t exceed two pages. Unless you are a doctor or academic who may be using curricula vitae (CVs), there is no need to write more than two pages. Keep your resume writing relevant and concise.
2. Do align the text flush left and use bullets for listing items. These two simple formatting tricks will immediately improve the clarity and organization of your writing.
3. Don’t rely on generic language. Expressions such as “hard working” and “detail oriented” are overly used and should be avoided as they detract from the originality of your voice.
4. Do introduce your work history section with a “Summary of Skills” section. This offers your reader an overview of your professional qualifications.
5. Do list your work history in the following recommended order: title of position, employer, city and state of employer, and employment dates.

Related Resumes:

Summer Teacher Resume

Company: STEP-UP
Date Range: 10/2013 to 05/2014

STEP-UP is a 4-week teaching and community internship and summer residency program for pre-service teachers from Illinois State University where participants assist in Chicago Public School classrooms during summer school, serve as an intern at a community-based organization, and participate in other civically engaged activities in the community.
Assisted 3rd grade students with summer coursework at William G.
Hibbard Elementary School Designed inquiry- base K-8 lesson plans for the Cambodian Association of Illinois Planned and implemented a community service project for Global Gardens to increase community awareness.

Summer Teacher Assistant Resume

Company: Youth Works
Date Range: 07/2010 to 08/2010

Assisted Teachers with kids aged 1 to 5 years.

Summer Teacher/ After school Tutor Resume

Company: STARland Academy/ Community Ministries
Date Range: May 2011 to November 2013

Constructed and implemented lessons to at-risk and educationally challenged students. Supported students on-site, in the public, and at schools. Disciplined students that had behavior issues. Drove the company van to pick-up and drop-off students. Called and consulted with students guardians. Filled in for site coordinator when needed. Administered students medicine. Cleaned on-site rooms, company vehicles, and dishes. Checked students for lice and gave treatments when needed. Collected money and made deposits as needed.

Summer Teacher's Assistant Resume

Company: Gingerbread Nursery Schoo
Date Range: 06/2013 to 07/2015

Helped teacher's with students paperwork at the beginning of the session and then helped set up activities for the day. At the end of the day I was in charge of putting kid s into their cars and sending them home

School Age Summer teacher Resume

Company: Kidzone
Date Range: June 2012 to August 2012

Implemented a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, discussions and demonstrations.Established clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects.Encouraged students to persevere with challenging tasks.Set and communicated ground rules for the classroom based on respect and personal responsibility.Tutored children individually and in small groups to help them with difficult subjects.Taught after-school and summer enrichment programs.Established positive relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers and school administrators.

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