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If you like working with children and want a part-time role, now could be a good time to search for a position as an after-school teacher. Unlike full-time classroom teachers, after-school teachers typically don’t need a college degree and can work flexible, part-time hours. When you’re ready to take this next step in your educational career, use our after-school teacher resume examples for guidance and inspiration to write your own winning resume. They’ll help demonstrate how to draft a personalized resume for each and every job posting to which you apply.


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What Is an After School Teacher?

After-school teachers supervise small groups of children following the completion of the school day and are in charge of ensuring a stimulating learning and extracurricular environment for students. Typical duties include preparing education materials, organizing activities, helping students with homework assignments, maintaining attendance records, reporting progress to parents, and collaborating with other teachers and staff. While some employers may not require a bachelor’s degree or teaching certification, college coursework can make your application stand out.

What Makes This a Great
After School Teacher Resume Example?

After-school teachers interact with students on a daily basis, so your resume should highlight your educational experience and your history working with children. Review our after-school teacher resume example to learn what a professional resume for this industry should look like.

Here’s how our after-school teacher resume examples can assist:

  • Recommend pre-written content: Use our resume examples for help crafting the critical sections of your resume, namely the professional summary, work experience and skills sections. This resume effectively uses industry-specific content such as “experiential learning” and “classroom discipline” to articulate their skills. Feel free to simply tweak our resume examples’ pre-written content, crafted by expert resume writers, for your own page.
  • Provide format options: The job seeker using this resume example chose a chronological format. This format is effective because it makes her work history pop. Using our tools, you can choose the best format for your resume, whether it be functional, chronological or combination.
  • Suggest templates: This job seeker chose a traditional template for her resume. This type of resume template typically works well for the childcare industry. You might consider using a creative template if you are applying for an after-school teacher position at a dance, art or music school.


3 After School Teacher Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary should concisely explain your most relevant teaching experience and skills. Use our after-school teacher resume examples as inspiration when writing your professional summary, or utilize our builder for guided assistance in creating a professional summary quickly.

Below are three examples of professional summaries that would work for an after-school teacher resume:

  1. Highly energetic and disciplined after-school teacher with more than five years of experience. Capable of educating middle school and high school students on a variety of subjects including math, science and language arts. Effectively collaborates with other teachers, school administrators and parents.
  2. Dedicated, patient after-school teacher with experience teaching groups of 10-30 students. Committed to providing a stimulating educational environment for students. Thorough understanding of learning and psychological theories. Ability to assess student needs and interests to develop appropriate learning plans and goals.
  3. Entry-level after-school teacher with two years’ experience as a tutor. Background in mathematics and social sciences tutoring. Proficient in building lesson plans and assessing student performance.

3 After School Teacher Work Experience Section Examples

Your resume’s work experience section is vital because it lists the skills acquired and responsibilities held in previous positions. Use our after-school teacher resume examples for guidance when recapping your own work history, or use pre-written content generated by our builder. Insert this suggested text as-is or personalize it using your own metrics.

The following are three work experience content examples:

  1. Developed and implemented daily activities and lesson plans focused on social sciences, history and grammar for 25+ students.
  2. Provided homework assistance to groups of 10-15 students as well as on an individual basis to students who required more assistance.
  3. Conducted parent-teacher conferences every three months.


Top Skills for Your After School Teacher Resume

Many schools and tutoring centers screen resumes using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to identify job seekers with desired skills. Use our after-school teacher resume examples to optimize your document so it stands out to hiring managers.

Hard Skills

  • Student evaluations
  • Curriculum development 
  • Spanish language proficiency
  • Science subject matter expert

Soft Skills

  • Organization
  • Building parent relationships
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration 

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After School Teacher FAQs

What are the duties of an after-school teacher?

After-school teachers provide supervision and homework help to students who remain at school after official classes end. Their duties are similar to those of regular teachers or teaching assistants. Specific responsibilities include preparing materials, organizing educational activities, managing attendance records, helping students with homework and collaborating with other staff members.

How do you become an after-school teacher?

The qualifications to become an after-school teacher are different from those needed by full-time teachers. Some schools may require after-school teachers to have an associate degree or other post-high school training. A teaching certificate and previous experience managing or tutoring students, while not necessarily required, will help your job application stand out to potential hiring managers.

How much do after-school teachers make?

How much you make as an after-school teacher will depend on an array of factors including your educational credentials, experience level and location. The median salary for teaching assistants, as a close example, was $27,920 in 2019. The states paying after-school teachers and teaching assistants the most, on average, in 2019 were Alaska, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut and Washington.