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A cold call cover letter is a document you send out with your resume when applying for a job that hasn’t been advertised or that doesn’t yet exist.

By some estimates, these kinds of opportunities account for nearly 70 to 80 percent of those in the market.

Like a traditional cover letter, this document introduces you and your skillset to a recruiter or hiring leader with the goal of winning an interview. However, this kind of cover letter also has some noticeable differences from its standard counterpart.

Most importantly, when you’re answering a job ad, you have a list of job qualifications right in front of you, so you know what to include in your cover letter and resume. You don’t have that advantage when you’re cold calling.

This makes it extra important for you to write concisely and include some key information about yourself and your skills. Check out these two examples, which you can customize to fit your own needs.

Cold Contact Cover Letter Example When You Have an Employee Referral

Dear [Hiring Director’s Name],

Companies that have a reputation for excellence, as exemplified by the [Award/Customer Reviews] earned by [Company Name], need to have an engaged, motivated [Job Field] staff. My former colleague, [Referral’s Name], suggested I contact you to share information about my skills and experience in this field. [He/She] felt my qualifications may be of benefit to the company, and I’m excited to reach out to you and explore that possibility.

I received my education in the field of [Field Type] at [School Name]. After receiving my degree, I went on to work as a [Job Title]. My duties at this job included [List two or three duties], and I received recognition for my performance from my superior and peers. I believe this experience would assist me in making a significant contribution at [Company Name].

I’m attaching my resume, and I would be delighted to meet with you at your convenience to discuss any open positions you may have in my field. I’m looking forward to speaking with you in person.

All the best,

[Your Name]

Cold Contact Cover Letter Example for a Company in Your Field

Dear [Hiring Director’s Name],

I have enjoyed using products from {Company Name] for quite some time now, and after learning more about your company’s history through a [Newspaper Article/Online Review], I became intrigued by the idea of working for your organization. I’m writing today to inquire about potential job openings for [Career Type].

I understand from my queries to friends and colleagues that [Company Name] has a vibrant and talented pool of workers in the field. I would like to briefly share a bit about my own experience as a [Career Type] for your consideration.

I have [Number of Years] years of experience and have received numerous honors from industry leaders. Some of my awards and certifications include [List one or two awards or certifications]. I would be thrilled to put my experience as a [Career Type] to work for [Company Name] if you feel, as I do, that I would be a positive asset to the company.

I’m available to meet at your convenience to discuss open positions at [Company Name] and to share more information about my qualifications in the field. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and I appreciate you taking the time to review my information and consider me as an applicant at your company.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

Tips for Best Practices When Writing Cold Contact Cover Letters

  • Research the company and check social media for some basic information about the organization’s mission, vision, and any interesting recent developments. This helps you develop a catchy cover letter opening and introductory paragraph.
  • Mention why you want to work for the company. Include details like awards the company has earned or well-known product designs that mesh with your area of expertise.
  • Tell why you would be an excellent candidate. Make sure to include information on your education and work experience that align with the company’s processes.
  • Keep the letter brief and stick to the point. This shows you respect the recipient’s time.
  • Show appreciation and gratitude to the person reading your message.

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