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Elementary school teachers prepare younger students for future education by teaching them vital subjects, such as reading, science and mathematics. They also help students develop critical thinking skills, learn to solve problems and understand abstract ideas. They develop and enforce classroom rules to teach proper behavior.

Your elementary school teacher job description should discuss necessary educational and certification requirements. Because it is important that young students learn how to grasp difficult concepts, good elementary school teachers should be resourceful. They must engage students in learning, and they have to teach students how to study, communicate and work with others.

Elementary school teachers need specific personality traits along with technical prowess. They should be excellent communicators with students, other staff, parents and administrators. They need to be creative as well as patient.

Elementary School Teacher Job Description Template

Job Summary

As an elementary school teacher, you have the opportunity to set the tone for learning for the rest of a student’s life. When students have a good, educational, happy experience during elementary school, they are more prepared to take on the challenges of middle school, high school and college. You are able to teach students to love learning and also how to overcome the challenges and obstacles they face that keep them from reaching their goals. While adhering to the core curriculum required by the state, you are able to find creative, engaging ways to teach students real-life application of difficult concepts like literature, math and science.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create daily lesson plans that are engaging, educational and exciting for the kids, encouraging them to want to come to school.
  • Deliver lesson plans in a way that catches the attention of the students and keeps them occupied and excited about learning.
  • Reach school and course-wide performance goals for every student in class.
  • Watch closely for students who are struggling with emotional problems, learning disabilities or situations at home, and help them find the resources they need.
  • Grade papers and homework regularly to keep students updated on how they are doing and to head any problems off before they become habit.
  • Increase educational knowledge and stay up to date on new methods by joining professional organizations, attending continuing education courses and attending regular training sessions for teachers.
  • Weave goals, competencies and objectives into lesson plans in ways that directly apply to the student’s life.
  • Offer praise and encouragement to students when they do well and when they are struggling, and teach them that they have the power to do well in school no matter what.

Job Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in elementary education
  • Pass state certification exams designed to meet the needs of elementary students
  • Specialization in either math, science or ESL
  • 3-5 years of teaching experience
  • Organized, capable and able to multitask

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