Personal Trainer Cover Letter Examples

While a cover letter can feel like an old-fashioned aspect of applying for a job, it is still the best way to get your resume read. With the following tips and a personal trainer cover letter example, you will be equipped to create your own professional cover letter.

  • Do not be overly formal in your cover letter text. Using flowery language and formalities looks canned and robotic.
  • Do think of ways to make your cover letter customized and personal. Experiment with using the kind of language you employ during training sessions, then have someone read it over for a quick “gut check.”
  • Do not skip the editing step. Before sending your cover letter, check for spelling errors and awkward wording.
  • Do highlight skills and experience that are specifically asked for in the job description. This makes you look like a good fit for the position and gets your resume read.
  • Do not add fluff to make your cover letter longer. Filler is boring and unprofessional.

Personal Trainer Advice

Looking to get a job as a personal trainer? The cover letter examples below can help. As a personal trainer, you’ll help people get and stay in shape, while encouraging fitness and good health. Use these pre-written cover letter examples as a guide, and then adjust as needed to personalize your cover letter. With these cover letter examples at your fingertips, you just might help you land the job you want faster!

Personal Trainer Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Tips for
Personal Trainer

In your search for jobs as a Personal Trainer, you’ll need to put some modern job-hunting skills to use. Read through the following tips to help you improve your chances as you visit with employers.

  • Consider picking up a project or two while you’re between jobs. These can help you keep your cash flow up, will boost your portfolio and might even look good to a potential employer.

  • Approach your search for jobs as a Personal Trainer with the same determination you had when you pursued other goals in life. It may take some time to build relationships and strengthen your network. If you plan for your job hunt to take some time, you’ll be mentally prepared for a long wait.

  • Follow up on every lead. If you’ve turned in an application, follow up with a phone call. If you haven’t heard back for a while, find out why. This extra effort could impress a potential employer. At the very least, it will give you a chance to obtain valuable information regarding why you didn’t get hired.

  • Branch out into new areas when it comes to networking. Create an Internet profile and make sure that your name and a skill/experience description is linked to your name.

  • Show up in person. Your networking efforts might start online, but nothing can replace the value of a face-to-face visit. Engage in conversations. Talk to everyone in your network. You might just meet up with someone who knows someone who’s hiring.

Personal Trainer Cover Letter Example

Personal Trainer Job Seeking Tips

  • The modern cover letter should be kept within two pages, one if possible. Employers may be looking through stacks of cover letters and yours might only have a few seconds to catch their attention.

  • Break up your text into just a line or two at a time. Use bullets to keep things organized and easy to read. Don’t forget to keep your text to the aligned to the left. Try to format your cover letter just different enough that it stands out from the rest.

  • Highlight those words and phrases that describe what you can do for your potential employers. Research those ways that you can increase revenue or cut costs and identify those items in your cover letter.

  • Pack your focused cover letter full of information pertinent to each of the jobs as a Personal Trainer to which you apply. Consider starting with a “Summary of Qualifications” and position your best qualities where employers will be able to see them within just a few seconds.

  • Many cover letters today are submitted digitally. Take some time to identify those words and phrases that will get picked up by the software used to search databases. Don’t settle for vague or general words; search out those job-specific keywords that will get you hired.

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