Writing A Personal Trainer Recommendation Letter

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When someone asks you for a recommendation, what they’re really asking is what kind of insight you can provide employers into their workplace skills and abilities. It isn’t effective to simply repeat tropes, what you want is to present an image of this person as professional and reliable. With a personal trainer recommendation letter that does this, any job application is on its way to success.

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Hernan Cabrera for the position of personal trainer at your gym. Hernan worked as a trainer at my gym for over six years, and he was the most beloved and skilled of my trainers. He works excellently with people, and his knowledge of physiology and fitness is all but unmatched.

Hernan worked one on one with clients, some simply working for gains or fitness but also with certain injury rehabilitations, developed fitness plans, and designed individual workout regimens. He had the largest list of customers wishing to work with him, and he was able to help people achieve spectacular results with various different goals.

Hernan’s interpersonal skills, his fitness knowledge and abilities, and his diligent work ethic made him the best trainer at my gym for many years. He truly cares about his clients, and he has the skills to develop plans that will truly help them, so I highly recommend him for the position.


Jose Martinez

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