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Jameson Gould

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Dear Ms. Naughton,

Though we already had the conversation, this is the formal letter regarding your termination as our nanny.

Three months ago, we hired you to care for our children based on a range of reputable criteria and recommendations. Imagine how saddened we were to discover quite a bit of it was fabricated. You never attended school nor did you get the CPR and emergency medical treatment certifications listed on your resume. And you were never on staff with the Winchesters in London while you allegedly attended school.

As if your false credentials were not enough, since hiring you as our children’s nanny, you have demonstrated a disregard for our parenting philosophy that cannot be tolerated even if your background was impeccable. Our oldest child has been ignoring her afterschool chores and we have come home too many times to find our youngest has not completed his homework to our satisfaction. We also understand you have actually criticized us and our rules in front of the children.

These negatives greatly outweigh what little advantages we see to continue having you looking after our children. While our contract with you guarantees you a two week notice, we wish to terminate right away. But you will notice we have enclosed your final paycheck which includes the last two weeks.

Best regards,

Jameson Gould

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