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As you search for a job, you will come to realize how important a well-written cover letter is. This document should introduce your professional skills and experiences to hiring managers in a way that makes you a standout candidate. Find out how you can create an eye-catching letter by reviewing the following do and don’t tips as well as the general labor cover letter example.

  • Do highlight your connection with a company. Whether you want to work for the company because of its reputation or a tie to your childhood, feel free to tell your story.
  • Don’t entrust all of the editing to yourself. A second set of eyes can help you make sure the letter is really engaging and error free.
  • Do brag a little. If you have a hard time writing about yourself, start off by writing from the perspective of a coworker, but make sure to change the letter to first person during the revision stage.
  • Don’t let the cover letter rules get in the way of honesty. Try to create something that is real and conversational because it will be much more engaging than a contrived letter.

General Labor Advice

General labor jobs are available for qualified workers. But you’ll need to write a cover letter to get hired in a warehouse, and the cover letter examples we’ve created are a perfect place to start. Just click on any of the cover letter examples below and start developing your own cover letter with these samples in mind. Get started today and get the general labor job you want, faster!

General Laborer Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Tips for
General Labor

With a well-prepared cover letter, you can help your job search and get noticed no matter what the employment outlook may be like as a General Labor or any other field. A well written cover letter can also help you to overcome any deficiencies in education or work experience and help you get your cover letter moved to the top of the pile. By spending some time to create the best cover letter possible and adding some very simple tips to your job search, you can all but assure yourself of getting your cover letter noticed by those who make the hiring decisions. Here are five tips to creating a very effective cover letter:

  • Who you gonna call?Many job seekers sabotage their own job search by turning in a cover letter that includes no way for the hiring manager to contact them. when you prepare your cover letter, make sure that the employer can find your most current phone number and email address. Placing it at the top of the cover letter makes it easy for them to identify.

  • List your Achievements. The employer is going to be looking for what makes you special. Why they should hire you over all the other candidates.

  • 20 second rule. List your most important details in the top half of the cover letter. If the employer can’t find something about you in the first 20 seconds that makes you a potential candidate, they are more than likely to move on to another cover letter.

  • Get to the Point. Create a cover letter that addresses the exact position that the company is interviewing for. Do not give them a general outline that doesn’t tell the employer how you can help them with the position they have available.

  • Make it Simple. The employer doesn’t have time to read a book. Make your cover letter brief and easy to read. If it is packed with information and too cumbersome to read, they will move on to someone else.

General Laborer Cover Letter Example

General Labor Job Seeking Tips

When you are trying to find a job as a General Labor, there are certain things you can do to help get you noticed and get the interview you need. Here are five tips to help you experience a more effective job search.

  • Develop your Networking Skills. You are more likely to get noticed when you spread the word that you are looking for a job. Use job boards, employment associations and social networks to tell others about the position you are looking for. Also, tell everyone you know about what you are looking for. They may know someone who knows someone.

  • Sharpen your Skills. Employers are impressed when they see someone trying to improve themselves.

  • Have a Plan of Attack. Don’t just leave your job search to chance. Have a plan of what you want to accomplish.

  • No Cherry Picking. Don’t just hand your cover letter to a few companies that you want to work for. Get your cover letter out to lots of companies. You never know, but a better job than what you had planned may come along.

  • Be Ready. Once you get the interview, be ready to give the employer the best interview you can.

General Laborer Cover Letter Template

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