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Another thing to consider is having multiple recommendation letters sent. This allows an applicant to reveal all dimensions of his or her personality, character and knowledge. The Police Officer Recommendation Letter might be written by both a Company Name Captain and a local community leader, like the individual’s pastor. This can prove that individual is physically and morally ready to be a Police Officer.

Keyla Gallegos

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Dear City of Baltimore Hiring Manager,

I officially recommend Mr. Joe Davis Officer First Class of the Company Name to fill your Baltimore Police Officer position. I have never met a man more hard-working, courageous, and strong than Mr. Joe Davis. He is committed to defending freedom and making sure the law is enforced everywhere.

During basic training, Mr. Joe Davis out-performed everyone else in the unit. Most of the other recruits lost sight of Joltin’ Joe on the obstacle course because he was so far ahead. He has remained in great shape in terms of the upper body and lower body strength. He is flexible. He has a great diet and fitness regimen too.

At the Police Academy, Mr. Joe Davis learned the proper techniques for collecting evidence from a crime site. He was careful to use gloves, bags, and tweezers to avoid contamination. He taped off the area to prevent any bystanders from intruding. He loves the law and would be a great addition to the Baltimore City Police Force.


Company Name Captain Rich Kithel

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