Writing An Online Marketer And Social Media Recommendation Letter

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One critical component that nearly every employer looks for when hiring someone is a recommendation. Without one they simply have to take you at your word on your resume, and they Don’t have the extra source and insight into you that could help you get an edge over other applicants. You need to take advantage of any chance you get to separate yourself, and a solid online marketer and social media recommendation letter is a great first step.

Jamya Patrick

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Ian Kipnis for the position of online marketer and social media specialist at your company. Ian served as the head of marketing and social media at my company for eight years. He presided over excellent growth, and was able to develop marketing and social media campaigns that were critical to our success.

Ian was responsible for developing and implementing marketing and social media plans, conducting market research, SEO and keyword research, promotion development, and other tasks. He handled nearly all of our online and social media content and was able to manage it in a consummately organized and professional manner.

Ian had exceptional skills not only with technical details concerning online marketing, but also the business side of it. He has excellent business instincts and an eye for developing successful campaigns, so I’m confident you won’t find anyone better to handle your social media and online marketing.


Jason Steihel

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