Accountant Termination Letter

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Below you will find an example of an Accountant Termination Letter. It contains all the critical elements required to let an employee know why they are being relieved of duty, including start of termination, reasons and if any action will be taken. The letter should be formal, polite and concise.

Yaretzi Townsend

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Dear Mr. Wilson:

Over seven years, you have consistently been one of our top Accountants. Your association with Amble has been beneficial to all the company’s productions. Unfortunately, as you know, the company has been undergoing a major restructuring. A large part of that is going to affect all of Amble’s accounting departments.

It has been decided that beginning April of 2015, all of Amble’s accounting will be managed through a third-party firm that can accommodate our expanding worldwide services, as opposed to having individual satellites, each managing a sector of our operations. That means the elimination of every accounting department outside of Amble’s worldwide headquarters.

This termination letter is not a reflection of your exemplary service. As you requested, we have already recommended you to the accounting firm that is taking over. In the meantime, you will be receiving six month severance and all sick, personal and vacation days you have left. If you have any expense invoices to submit, please do so right away so that they can be reimbursed. Once you have signed the attached agreement and returned it to HR, a check will be issued.

Amble wishes you the best of luck in all your endeavors.


Soledad Carmichael

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