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Composing a resume is not quite as simple as listing off all your past professional jobs and skills. For those seeking to present the ideal combination of work history, accomplishments, and relevant qualities, our perfect resume template could be just the framework you need to get started. Our user-friendly format clearly outlines how to best convey your value as a potential employee. Take an important step toward landing your next job by adapting our perfect resume template the right way with your own personal document.

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Regardless of which professional sector or industry you call home, there are a handful of characteristics hiring managers universally value. Traits like dependability and commitment to accomplishing goals are highly sought-after, so it is critical your resume illustrates you possess these qualities. Our perfect resume template and the following tips can help you create a document that does just that:

  1. Blend your summary statement. Without going into excessive detail, aim for an even blend of hard and soft skills when writing your summary. Hard skills represent technical knowledge of tools, equipment, programs, or processes. Soft skills include more personal attributes like communication abilities and a willingness to collaborate.
  2. Write for both tracking software and the hiring manager. Many companies use some form of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen applicants. Be sure to include the targeted keywords this software will likely search for, but incorporate them so that they don’t appear awkward or unnatural when a human reads your resume.
  3. Keep your work history relatively recent. In most cases, there is no need to include positions you held more than 15-20 years ago unless there is something exceptionally relevant to the current job posting you wish to highlight.
  4. Define accomplishments clearly. Imparting your professional achievements is essential in marketing yourself to employers. Format each accomplishment by pairing up the specific action you took with the positive outcome achieved as a result.
  5. Avoid repetitive wording. If you notice several of your bullet points begin the same way, crack open a thesaurus and mix things up. Reading the phrase “responsible for” over and over again may have the undesirable effect of boring the hiring manager.
  6. Double-check spellcheck. Spellcheck will catch misspellings and incorrect grammar, but automatic editing routinely misses other issues. The best way to be sure your resume is shipshape is to read through it carefully with fresh eyes and ask a trusted colleague to do the same.
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