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Are you in need of a resume that features your suitability for a job without sacrificing readability or clarity? If so, our detailed resume template is right for you. This resume will show employers how precise and detail-oriented you are, making you the perfect choice for the job. The template below emphasizes style and flair without compromising coherence, all while detailing your qualifications to make you more appealing to hiring managers and employers. Begin creating your own detailed resume today.

Tips for Personalizing Your
Detailed Resume Template

Crafting an outstanding resume can seem to be a daunting task, especially considering that hiring managers will often get hundreds of resumes soon after posting a job listing. You want a resume that stands apart from the rest yet is still easily understood in the short time employers have to read a resume. Look at the detailed resume template and the following tips, and work them into your own resume to create a stellar document that will be memorable for employers and will increase your chance of getting hired.

  1. Use metrics and figures whenever possible. When describing your past work experience, utilize quantifiable statistics to show employers exactly how much of an impact you had. Consider including how many people you managed, how many tasks you accomplished, or how much money you saved the company.
  2. Detail achievements outside your job description. Include situations or projects in which you had limited resources or an unusual situation and ways you were able to overcome the challenge to efficiently complete the project.
  3. Make sure your spelling is correct throughout your resume. Most applicant tracking systems (ATS) do not recognize misspelled words and may filter you out of consideration. If you are an entrepreneur applying for a job but misspell it as “entreprenure,” you could be kicked out of consideration.
  4. Keep your summary succinct. You want to think of your summary as a pitch to an employer. Highlight key points while keeping them short and digestible so that the employer does not have to work too hard to get through them.
  5. Make sure the reader will remember your name. After reading through a resume, an employer needs to be able to remember your name so he or she can call you back for an interview. Make your name distinguishable from the rest of your resume so it can be found quickly.
  6. Utilize different words. Don’t bore your reader with the same words over again; look up synonyms and use a thesaurus to make your resume more interesting.
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