Social Media Skills on Resume: Do You Need to Include Your Social Media Skills?

If you are looking for a job in the vast field of marketing, you may be wondering whether or not to include social media skills on a resume.

Adding your social media can be a slippery slope; allowing potential employers to view your social media information can be a big boon to your efforts, but if the wrong information is presented to your employer, it can be the end of your chances.

So, should you include social media skills on resume? Let’s look at some figures and issues that affect social media marketers.

Social Media: The Number One Internet Activity

Business Insider reports that social media is now the number one Internet activity. This means more Internet users are going social than are shopping, banking and surfing, and those numbers are increasing. For the retail sector, a whopping 74 percent of consumers are influenced by social media in their purchasing choices. Businesses know these statistics and are actively seeking employees who are social savvy.

How High up the Ladder do You Want to Climb?

According to a recent survey on CEOs and social media, if you plan to be an executive, you need to highlight your social media skills. On a resume, this can even warrant its own special section, particularly if you are applying for a marketing position. According to the survey, published by BRANDFog, social media is the modern form of public relations. CEOs who include social media can help build brand trust for their companies; customers look to social media for information, trustworthiness and interaction.

Are Your Social Media Skills Really Skills?

Before you list your social media skills on resume, consider whether or not they really are skills. Being a daily Facebook user does not give you the insight and experience to run a full-fledged social media marketing campaign, but having a Facebook fan page with many followers might. If you are trying to position yourself as an expert on your resume, make sure you have the knowledge to back that up when you are questioned on an interview or, more importantly, when you take the job. Honesty, in this case, is most certainly the best policy.

Be Sure Your Social Media Presence is Safe for Work

If you are highlighting your social media skills on your resume, take time to go over your social media profiles with a fine toothed comb; the last thing you want is for prospective employers to stumble across inappropriate photos or posts of you on the very social media pages you profess to be a professional at managing. This would be a good time to reevaluate your social media privacy settings as well, so you can ensure what is personal stays personal.

Editor’s Note: Once you’ve determined whether or not to include social media links, you should take time to review your resume. Use our helpful resume writing guide in order to help increase your chances of getting the job.

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