What Are The Advancement Opportunities

As an interviewer, you should take advantage of every opportunity you can to learn about the candidate. In many ways, the questions the interviewees ask you are more important than the questions you ask them.

If a candidate asks you about advancement opportunities, they are likely very interested in moving forward in their careers. This is a good sign for their dedication and motivation, but it also usually means they are planning to spend a long period of time with the company.

Points to Emphasize

The information you give the interviewee can influence whether or not they are able to advance their careers. Make sure you give them the proper answer.

  • Stay positive. There is no way to tell how far they will be able to go yet. Even if you have your doubts, treat them as if they have unlimited potential.
  • Give a specific answer. What have others done to be promoted How long did it take Tell them everything they will need to know to advance.
  • Be encouraging. Make it clear that they can achieve a promotion if they are willing to work for it.
  • Remain honest. You should not sugarcoat your answer. It is even more important that they understand the less appealing requirements to move forward.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

When answering, you should choose your words carefully. They will influence how well the candidate performs if hired. Avoid these common pitfalls.

  • Avoid exaggeration. Exaggerating the requirements does not encourage working harder. It is simply discouraging.
  • Never simply dismiss the question. There is a lot to learn from their reaction. Even if there are no open positions, you should still answer the question.
  • Avoid giving false hope. It should be clear just how much work they need to put in to advance to a higher position. Being honest also tests how committed they are to advancing.
  • Do not forget to mention what the opportunities for advancement are. What advanced positions are available

Sample Answer

When you answer this question in an interview, you should be specific to the position and to your company. The following sample answer is generic.

The most common position that employees in the position you are applying for advance to is in management. Those that are promoted usually perform at a high level for two or three years before moving up. If you are hired, I'll make a note that you are interested in advancing.

If you answer the question of advancement in a positive and encouraging way, you can learn a great deal about the candidate and encourage a better performance.

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