Reviewing Job Interview

Published on: May 30, 2017

After the interview is over, you probably feel some relief. You probably practiced for a long time, and agonized over how you should answer difficult questions. However, just because the interview is over doesn't mean your process should be.

One step that many people skip in the job interview process is the review. Reviewing job interview is almost as important as the other steps. The review helps you realize what you did well, and what you could improve on. In order to understand the importance of reviewing job interview, you need to understand how you can review your interview and the two major ways it helps.

How to Review a Job Interview

After the interview, when it comes time to evaluate, you might not know what you should be reviewing for. Here are four easy steps you can take to help you in reviewing job interview:

  • Remember Content: The first step needs to be done as soon as possible after your meeting. You want to try to remember all of the questions that you were asked. This is the time when you want to write down the questions you remember and how you responded. Take all of the notes that you can. The notes will show you what you could have answered better, and they may even give you some insight into your rapport with the hiring manager.
  • Think About the Interviewer's Responses: Since you've already written down the content you can remember from the interview, it is now time to look over the responses you remember. This could be how the interviewer responded to your answers or the questions you asked them. By thinking about the interviewer's response, you may be able to judge what they liked about what you said or did.
  • Recall What the Interviewer Emphasized: While you're thinking about the interview, you can take a second to figure out the biggest need the interviewer saw. What need do they want the candidate to be able to fill? This will help you realize if you are truly a good fit for the position.
  • Ponder Your Gut Feeling: Finally, you want to think about how you felt right after the interview. Did you feel like you really did well? If how you felt the interview went well, but you didn't get a job offer, that will tell you that there is something you need to reevaluate.Reviewing job interview is as easy as taking the time to think about the different parts of your latest interview. You want to check in with how you performed, and size it up with how the hiring manager reacted and then figure out what went well in the interview and what could have gone better.

    How a Review Helps

    Reliving an interview is not always easy when you don't get the job. However, that doesn't make it any less necessary. Reviewing job interview can help in two major ways.

    First, it helps you cultivate what you want to say in your thank you letter. Thinking about what went well, what you bonded over, what you said that they liked and what they were really emphasizing during the interview will give you a huge jump start on your thank you.

    Second, a review helps you prepare for you next interview. So everything didn't go right in this interview, but you can take what you learned and put it towards bettering yourself. You need to review your interviews if you want to get better at the process, and eventually land a job.

    Sometimes it's hard to really judge your interview. You're pretty close to the topic, so you might think that the answers you give are just right. However, as you start going over all of your interviews, you may see questions that get repeated. This might tell you what's going wrong in your interviews. You don't have to go into interviews nervous and come out questioning what they didn't see in you.

    Take charge of your interview process. Start doing things the right way. First, do the practice and research necessary to wow the hiring manager. Then, take the time to really review how the interview went. Using these two steps you will start to see progress. With progress comes success. You will not regret perfecting your interviewing skills when you get a job in the career field of your dreams. Remember, your interviewing process should not end at the interview. Keep reviewing job interviews to continue improving and work towards success.

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