Journalist Interview Questions And Answers

For some people, interviewing for a new job can be extremely stressful. Knowing what is in store for you can help reduce your stress and prepare you for the interview. These Journalist interview questions and answers are a selection of those you are likely encounter. Knowing how to properly respond to these questions will give you a foundation to build on in your interview.

What Qualities Do Journalists Need?

While there are some fundamentals that all journalists need, such as basic knowledge of journalistic standards and practices, your interviewer will be more interested in your own individual take on what characteristics are ideal for a journalist. While it is important that you make your interviewer aware that you understand what the position entails, they want to know about how you approach the position and the qualities you possess which you feel will help you the most in the position. Looking back on the job posting and paying attention to their position requirements can give you an idea of what the employer is looking for in a candidate. Specifically highlighting these aspects of yourself should be beneficial to you during the Journalist interview questions and answers.

During your interview, it can be beneficial to speak as if you already have the position. Instead of saying things like "I would," or, "I could," try to say "I will." This will make you sound more confident in both your qualifications and your appropriateness for the position. Being confident is a key ingredient in success for most businesses, including journalism.

How Do You Stay Informed on the News and Current Events?

As journalism is particularly concerned with the news, illustrating that you are totally aware of current events, as well as the current cultural zeitgeist, is important. Listing the newspapers, magazines, television shows and websites you use to stay on top of events will help establish you as a candidate. You can also discuss why you use these particular outlets during this part of your Journalist interview questions and answers. Letting your potential employer know what appeals to you about your selected news outlets will help them to ascertain whether you are a good fit for their company.

Of the Major News Stories from the Last Year, Which Would You Have Like to Cover? Why?

When answering this question, be honest. Don't try to class up your response by picking something that you think will make you look smart. Honest answers are always good because it illustrates your personality. This part of the Journalist interview questions and answers is designed to showcase what you find interesting in the news and whether that is a fit for the available position. Also, it proves that you know about current events and have formed concrete journalistic opinions on them. Be sure to point out what makes the story interesting to you and why reporting it would have been an interesting experience. Acknowledging why accuracy was vital to the story, as well as why it was an important story to report upon illustrates your journalistic knowledge and passion in a way that few other answers can. You can also discuss why your point of view on the story could have added more insight or an additional angle to the piece. Making your answer personal and individual can help make a lasting impression on you interviewer.

Establishing your journalistic knowledge, as well as your understanding of current events is fundamental for navigating any Journalist interview questions and answers. Researching you potential employers, as well as re-reading the job posting, will help give you a clear idea of what they are looking for in an employee, which you can balance against your own strengths and desires. This balance should give you a good foundation for answering any and all interview questions.

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