Bus Driver Interview Questions And Answers

Bus drivers have a big responsibility in ensuring that passengers arrive to their destinations safely. In addition to talking about your professional history and what skills you have to offer to the company, you should be ready to answer questions that are specifically asked during interviews for bus drivers. These questions can consist of:

  • How much experience / education do you have?

· Talk about a situation where you had to act quickly.

  • Would you mind working weekends and nights?
  • Why do you want this position?

You should outline answers to these questions before you walk into your interview so that you can talk about each one effectively and without pausing too much.

Answers to Bus Driver Interview Questions

Regardless if you are planning on driving busses for the city or a school system, you need to be fully licensed. You need to bring your license with you to the interview to prove that you are legally able to drive a bus. When discussing your experiences, the most important rule is to be honest. If you have years of experience, feel free to bring that up. If you have little to no experience, then mention that. You are only going to be causing problems for yourself down the road if you lie about your familiarity with busses.

Being responsible for the well-being of others means that you need to be able to respond quickly in certain situations. When you are driving, you may need to make a snap judgment and do what you believe is best for everyone. This can include avoiding traffic accidents or knowing what to do when someone on your bus has a health problem. This question should be answered with a real example from a previous place of work so that you adequately show you can make good decisions quickly.

Whenever you are asked about your availability, you need your answer to convey the fact that you are willing to take any shift asked of you. The interview is not the time to talk about your personal preferences. Once you have worked at the company for a while, you might be able to talk about getting a better schedule, but for now, just say that you will not have a problem taking any shift asked of you.

Whenever you are asked why you want a certain job or to work for a certain company, you should never say that it is simply for the paycheck. You want the interviewer to know that you are passionate about this line of work and that this is your life's calling. This is also a great opportunity to talk about your safety record and any accomplishments you are proud of. You can also customize your response based on whether you are applying to drive a school or city bus.

Additional Preparation for Your Bus Driver Interview

Although you need to be ready to answer questions that are specifically asked for bus driver interviews, you should also be prepared to answer typical questions about yourself. You might be asked to talk a little bit about yourself or to talk about your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Do not neglect these questions to focus solely on the inquiries mentioned above.

You also need to conduct plenty of research on the company you are applying for. If you have no idea what the company does or what will generally be expected of you in the position, you are going to be at a severe disadvantage. Take plenty of time the day before your interview to review common interview questions and prepare good responses. At the end of the day, you need to show the interviewer that you have a stellar safety record when it comes to driving and that you have a great work ethic.

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