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Job Interview Tips

Having a great resume is the first step, but what happens during an interview determines if you'll get the job. Land the job using these interview tips.

15 Job Interviewing Tips
15 Job Interviewing Tips

Congratulations! You've spent hours writing cover letters and submitting your resume for jobs and now you've landed an interview. The very idea of heading in to meet the hir...

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Acing The Interview

Finding a new job is a lot of work. Job seekers have to update their resumes, research new positions and prepare to interview. Prospective employees must be ready to answer ...

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Behavioral Interview Preparation

In recent years, many employers have turned to the behavioral model for their interview method of choice. This means that, rather than asking for general skill descriptions,...

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Executive Interview Case Study2

Studying an executive interview case study may not seem very important. This probably isn't the first time you've sat down for an interview. You've probably repeatedly gone thr...


The moment you walk through the door you should be in interview-mode. You are only given one shot to make a good first impression to greet the person interviewing you, so ma...

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The Importance of Grooming for a Job Interview One of the easiest things you can do to prepare for a job interview is to make sure you look and smell great. While proper groo...

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Interview Attire

Most people tend to get their first job when they are in high school or just starting college. It can be an exciting time to get your first real job, but before you can star...

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When you step into a room for a professional interview, you want to be calm and confident. The best way to accomplish this is to simply be prepared. First, you should take t...

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Interview Callbacks

You prepared for your job interview extensively. You did your research, you thought out answers to likely questions and did everything you could in order to present yourself...

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Interviewing Books

Career and Job Interviewing Books Before you step into an office for a professional job interview, you should arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to make the most of...

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Interviewing Confidence

The hardest part about being on the job market is maintaining your confidence through the interviews. Even when they go well, doing a few of them over a short time period ca...