Career Exploration Tools and Resources

Find some great tools and resources for exploring careers/career exploration — whether a student searching for your first career or an established job-seeker considering a career change.

Quintessential Careers Exploration Resources:

Other Career Exploration Resources:

  • Becomeopedia — a career exploration site that offers information on “how to become a ———–” on hundreds of career fields in almost every imaginable career field, from the arts to the trades, including numerous professions, as well as careers in government. Details include job descriptions, education requirements, and salary information. No cost to job-seekers.
  • Career Development Manual from the University of Waterloo — This site offers plenty of self-assessment forms and career exploration exercises that you can print out and work on by hand. Fee-based for people outside the university.
  • Career Explorer — a career education and training site that provides a wealth of information and links designed to help folks find a new and better career. Includes career descriptions, advice, videos, and tutorials. Also includes job-hunting advice and links to online career assessment and online schools. No cost.
  • Career Guide to Industries — provides information on available careers by industry, including the nature of the industry, working conditions, employment, occupations in the industry, training and advancement, earnings and benefits, employment outlook, and lists of organizations that can provide additional information. From the U.S. Department of Labor. Free to job-seekers.
  • CareerLaunch — from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a very useful career and college site, with resources and links to help teens with self-assessment, summer opportunities, college search, career development, and more. No cost.
  • CareerOverview — an excellent career information site, providing career information and job descriptions for aspiring professionals and students who are making live altering decisions about your future career path — helping you to make better, more informative career choices. No cost to job-seekers.
  • — providing students with tools you can use to help identify careers that match your skills, interests, and abilities. This is a site for people who have a strong passion or interest, but aren’t sure exactly how to turn that passion into a career… into a career you will love. No cost.
  • EUREKA — a great tool for students — and your families — to learn more about yourself, as well as career exploration, career information, skills and career assessments, and a search system for locating colleges, universities, and trade schools that best match your needs. Take a spin on the site’s True Colors assessment test. Membership required to use most of the resources.
  • Inside Jobs — a place designed to help simplify career exploration — where people can explore what job and career opportunities exist and learn what paths can take them there. As the sites says, find “inspiration, information, and awesome shortcuts for your career exploration. No cost to job-seekers.
  • — a career exploration site for teens and twenty-somethings, where you can find all sorts of career tools and information, including self-assessment tools, streaming MP3 interviews with people in various career fields, and much more. Also includes college resources. No cost to job-seekers.
  • — designed to help students and professionals plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about education and careers. Resources to help with deciding on what college to go to, choosing a major, planning for your first career, and making a career change. No cost to job-seekers.
  • Uvisor — offers job-seekers a five-step process for finding the right career and right job, from “Define Yourself” (where you provide basic information about yourself) to “Get Hired” (an automated job matching service based on your personal data). Job-seekers can also search for job listings directly (using keyword, location, industry). No cost to job-seekers.
  • Vocational Information Center — a truly great career exploration resource for job-seekers wanting to learn more about vocational and technical careers. Check out the skills employers seek, find a trade school, research technical topics, and review the job market. Free to job-seekers.

Job, Occupation, and Career Profiles:

  • Majors and Career Profiles — browse specific jobs within general career categories and learn about working conditions, job forecasts, and related professions. From
  • Career Descriptions and Information — basic information about job titles and education requriements within specific careers. From
  • Careers & Industries — where you’ll find overviews, outlooks, and compensation reports on a wide variety of careers, as well as job descriptions and tips on numerous industries. From
  • Career Peeks — a great career site for young women who are searching for an ideal career path, helping bridge the connection between you and female business leaders and role models from a wide variety of career fields. Monthly interactive sessions, along with a growing video library. No cost.

    InsideJobs — a career exploration site where folks looking for a new careers can learn details about thousands of potential new careers — and the paths that can get you there (including degrees required and schools offering those degrees). No cost.

  • — find advice from real people who have submitted profiles of their jobs and career. You’ll find information about the rewards they get from their jobs, the stressful parts of their jobs, challenges for the future, and advice for entering the field.
  • Occupational Profiles — get the inside scoop on the compensation, career path, skills required, and other key information of “hot” occupations. From
  • Pursue the Passion — an interesting Website and blog that is designed to help people find your career passion — and includes interviews with people who are passionate about their careers. Designed for people seeking to learn about life, passion, and careers. No cost.
  • Sloan Career Cornerstone Center — a comprehensive resource center for those interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Detailed career information, career profiles, and much more. No cost to job-seekers.

Job Shadowing Resources:

Career Coaching:

Note: While career exploration is one part of job-hunting, please make sure you also visit Quintessential Careers: Guide to Job-Hunting on the Internet for a short tutorial on all aspects of Internet job-hunting — and, especially for relatively young job-seekers, please be sure to use Job Search 101: The 10 Things You Need to Know and Do to Land Your First Job.

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