5 Common Marketing Interview Questions

5 Common Marketing Interview Questions

You never know exactly what questions you’re going to get in a marketing interview, but as a smart and savvy candidate, you can make an educated guess. Just like you study to ace an exam, you must prepare to ace an interview. We’ve compiled the 5 common marketing interview questions that you are most likely to encounter, along with some advice about how to answer them persuasively. Be sure to prep your answers well before you sit down with the interviewer.

1. Tell Me More About Yourself

This is usually the job applicant’s favorite question because it is the easiest. Summarize your interests and ambitions in a few sentences. Say why you want the job and how you are qualified. Include relevant details about any specific job or schooling that you have done. The first marketing interview questions are easy, but it only gets harder after that.

2. Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company?

Instead of just saying that you want to earn money, find a better answer. It might be that you want to get more experience in the industry, or that you understand the company’s mission and are passionate about it. Before you ever sit down for an interview, research the company. Know the year it was founded, the types of products and services, any current news and more. Having this knowledge shows that you are truly interested. Looking at the website of the company (and its competitors) is a good place to start. 

3. Describe a Marketing Project That You Completed Successfully

Talk about a marketing project that you finished with positive results. Mention any task that you did wrong, what you did to make corrections and how you learned from the experience. An employer is impressed by an applicant who is willing to admit to mistakes. Discuss every aspect of the project from the budget to the delivery. Talk about how you contributed specifically and what lasting effect you had on the project.

4. Talk About When You Made a Successful Sale or Persuasion 

Go back to a situation when you persuaded someone to buy or use something. Talk about how you used certain words and images to get the person on your side. If you hung up attractive decorations at an event, talk about how everyone liked the room design. Marketing is all about getting people on your side with the use of persuasion. As you answer the marketing interview questions, convince the employer that you are able to convince the customers.

5. Describe the Benefits of One of Our Products to a Customer

These types of marketing interview questions are very common. The employer wants you to focus on a specific product and describe its benefits to an interested customer. Pretend like you are standing on the sales floor and looking at the item. Talk about its wide range of uses and how the customer can benefit. Talk about how reasonable the price is and what payment options the company can accept. With each sale you make, cater to the customer’s specific needs. Ask questions so that you find the most appropriate match. When you answer this question, be as descriptive as possible and learn about the customer’s interests.

Take some time to practice your answers to these and other common interview questions. Telling the company about your qualifications is easy, but talking about solving a difficult marketing-related problem is tougher. And getting the interview isn’t easy, either: you’ll need a compelling resume and cover letter to grab an employer’s attention in the first place. Buff up your resume with help from a quality resume builder likeLiveCareer’sand start putting yourself in position to answer more interview questions! 


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