Automotive Customer Service Advisor Cover Letter Examples

Your cover letter is the first thing a recruiter reads when you apply for a new position. You want to ensure it’s engaging and shows you as someone who would be an asset to the company. Use this customer service advisor cover letter example in combination with the included do’s and don’ts to help you write your own professional cover letter.

  • Do customize your cover letter to every company you apply to by mentioning something specific to the company. If you use generic verbiage, the hiring manager will assume you sent a form letter.
  • Don’t write fluff. Everybody is a “people person” when they’re looking for a job. Focus on adjectives that are specific to you and your position in the customer service industry instead.
  • Do feel free to have fun. Your cover letter doesn’t need to be so professional that it comes off as stiff. This is especially true if you are applying to a more modern company that thrives on creativity.
  • Don’t make your cover letter too long. In fact, many hiring managers believe the shorter your letter is, the better. Aim to keep it at about 250 words.

Automotive Customer Service Advisor Advice

Customer service advisor jobs are in demand. To get hired, you’ll need the right attitude, experience, and the right cover letter. And the cover letter examples below can help guide you in creating your own excellent customer service advisor cover letter. Just click on any of the design options below, and use the pre-written text as a starting point in writing your own stand-out cover letter!

Automative Service Advisor Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Tips for
Automotive Customer Service Advisor

Although a job hunt can sometimes be exhausting, finding jobs as a Customer Service Advisor can be made much easier by following the right kind of process. Consider these five tips:

  • Start with yourself. Identifying your own strengths and interests helps you narrow down your options, so take some assessments to see what type of job you are best suited for, regardless of what industry you are coming from.

  • Mention your job search to at least one person every day. You never know who might have a useful connection, from a distant relative to an old college professor to the barista making your morning coffee.

  • Keep up with the industry. Follow blogs and read professional journals in your field, even when between jobs.

  • Research a company you would like to work for, even if they are not advertising any job openings. Find out about their history, mission and structure. You will be better prepared when you do get a chance to speak with a hiring manager there.

  • Attend job fairs. Make sure you are dressed to impress and ready to interview. If you are undecided about what field you would like to work in, look for a career fair, where you can explore the local options.

Automative Service Advisor Cover Letter Example

Automotive Customer Service Advisor Job Seeking Tips

Whenever you have an opportunity to speak with a prospective employer or a professional contact about jobs as a Customer Service Advisor, be sure you are ready to hand off your cover letter. No matter what your field or profession, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating a cover letter:

  • Maintain a sharp focus. Your cover letter has one job to do, and that is to present you as a capable, talented worker. Padding your cover letter with filler or listing every detail of your last job, relevant or not, works against this goal. Hiring managers review each cover letter for a notoriously short amount of time (a few seconds) before deciding whether or not they will consider interviewing a candidate. The more focused your cover letter is, the more it will communicate in those brief seconds.

  • Include a summary, or profile, section. Instead of stating your objective, which is to get a job, use that precious space at the top of your cover letter to highlight your most important skills, strengths and qualifications.

  • Because most cover letters are only briefly scanned by their readers, list work history details in order of importance. Begin with your position and employer, followed by city, state and dates of employment.

  • Start with your most recent position and work backwards. Your most recent history is likely the most relevant.

  • Focus on your actions. Do not simply reiterate your old job description. Relate what you accomplished and what results you achieved.

Automative Service Advisor Cover Letter Template

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