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Breanna Wallace

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Dear Members of the Oberlin College Honor Council

First, let me state that I now understand just how serious plagiarism is. I admit that I was guilty of plagiarism in my term paper on Ernest Hemingway. As a first-year student in the Creative Writing Program, I began my studies with little concern about plagiarism because it seemed that any writing I would do in the program would be my original work. I didn’t realize I’d be doing research online for papers about my favorite authors like Hemingway.

Although my error was unintentional, I can’t deny that it happened. The temptation to use well-phrased sentences from an obscure online site outweighed my skill at writing my own. Please know that I’m here to learn. I know I’m lucky to be here. I’m breathless with fear at the thought that my mistake could ruin my academic future. I had no idea. To guard against even unintentional plagiarism in the future I’ve subscribed to an online plagiarism checking service through which I will submit all future papers for possible violations before turning them in.

Please accept my most sincere apology for a lapse in judgment and lack of experience at the beginning of my academic journey.

Sincerely Yours,

Breanna Wallace

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