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Dear Mr. Stepanski,

Thank you for taking my phone call this morning. I wanted to get our agreement in writing while it’s still fresh. If the following payment schedule as stated is in agreement with what we discussed on the phone please sign this letter in the space indicated below and return to me in the enclosed envelope provided for your convenience. As agreed

Your store credit card is suspended until the balance is paid.

The outstanding balance on your account is $471.54.

No further interest charges or late charges will be added to your account as long as you make a monthly payment of $40.00 due the 15th of each month.

The first payment is due on June 15 2014.

There is no grace period and if a payment is late the terms of this agreement are null and void and the remaining balance will be due within 15 days of the missed payment date.

Full payment schedule includes 11 monthly payments (from June 15 2014 to May 15 2015) of $40.00 each with a final payment due on June 15 2015 of $31.54.

____________________________________________________________________Agreed by Brain Stepanski Ð Date


Felicity Weeks

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