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Isla Cisneros,

I am very glad to write you this letter of recommendation for Paul Sator as your school’s next Music Teacher. Our school did not have an official music program, so we would regularly send students interested in learning music to Mr. Sator’s private practice. When Mr. Sator indicated that he wanted to seek a job with a school district, we were more than anxious to write a recommendation for him.

Mr. Sator has shown an ability to teach students at all grades and all levels of competency. His patience makes the learning experience fun for students and the students would regularly speak very highly of Mr. Sator and his efforts.

Each year, Mr. Sator would put together a music ensemble with the students he was teaching and we were more than happy to accommodate him. It is a shame that we cannot find room in our budget for Mr. Sator, but our loss should wind up being your gain.

Mr. Sator’s dedication to teaching and his obvious love of music make him your ideal candidate for a music teacher. Our entire board is available if you need any further information, but you can contact me directly at 000-000-0000 or by email at

Sincerely Yours,

Randall E. Fort

Board President

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