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Other skills can be discussed when writing a Farmer Recommendation Letter. This gives people a more three-dimensional viewpoint of an applicant’s credentials for any particular position. The relationship of the sender to the applicant should be discussed to show the perspective of the letter.

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Felicity Weeks,

I wholeheartedly recommend Jose Hernandes for your open position as a Farmer. Mr. Jose Hernandes has helped me as an Assistant Farm Hand for five years now. He has been very hard-working waking early at 3 AM with my family and working late into the night. He has a keen understanding of Agriculture.

Milking cows, planting seeds, spreading fertilizer and common watering systems are just some of the skills that Mr. Hernandes has acquired while working with me. He is a fast learner. He is very strong, agile, flexible and can handle any type of weather. I know that he is ready to move to the next stage and become a full-fledged Farmer.

Mr. Hernandes is quite proficient working with cows, goats and other types of farm animals. He could have been a Veterinarian because due to all of his keen Animal Husbandry skills. If you have some animals to take care of – he will do a fine job. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hernandes for your Farmer position.


Bob Johnson

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