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At LiveCareer, we take resumes seriously. Our library of free resume templates includes a vast array of professional designs, ensuring there will be a perfect match that’s right for you.

Choose from Modern, Creative, Traditional, Simple, Professional or Basic templates. LiveCareer’s wide selection of designs — from clean and simple to colorful and ornate — and the ability to change colors and fonts to your tastes allows you to create the best resume templates for your needs.

Once you’ve chosen your recruiter-approved professional resume template, craft your document in our Resume Builder and download it in the right resume format. We offer our free resume templates in the functional, combination and chronological resume formats for entry-level, mid-career and senior-level applicants. Our free downloadable templates come complete with detailed instructions on crafting a resume that will highlight your most impressive achievements, plus a bevy of tools and tips to help you through the resume-writing process.

Whether you are new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, LiveCareer’s professional resume templates make it quick and easy for every job seeker to learn how to write a resume that will help them put their best foot forward in the job search.

Which resume template style is right for you?

Modern resume templates

Our Modern resume designs feature clean and up-to-date layouts that focus readers’ attention on your skills and work experience. Simple but elegant, these resume templates are appropriate for use across industries. Select the design that works for you by clicking on the ‘Modern’ builder tab.

Who should choose a Modern resume template?

  • These clean resume templates and tasteful designs work across industries but are especially effective for those applying for jobs in forward-thinking fields, like tech or advertising.
  • Job seekers who want to project that they are up-to-date and on-trend.
  • Applicants that want their credentials and qualifications to take center-stage over fussy design elements.

Creative resume templates

Choose one of our Creative resume templates if you work in an industry like film, advertising, graphic or UX/UI design, or photography. These templates help you stand out with hints of color and other thoughtful visual elements that bring your resume to life.

Who should choose a Creative resume template?

  • Those in artistic or creative industries who want their personality to shine through on their resume layout will find these to be good resume templates.
  • Applicants who have a non-traditional work experience background.
  • Job seekers who crave a design that will stand out from their competition.

Traditional resume templates

Our Traditional resume templates are perfect for those in conservative industries, like finance or insurance, who want an attractive resume layout that plays it safe. Straightforward and clean, these resume designs were created to enhance your professional image and make a strong first impression. Select one of these classic resume templates by clicking on the ‘Traditional’ tab in the Resume Builder.

Who should choose a Traditional resume template?

  • Makes a great one-page resume template for job seekers who want a design that won’t make waves.
  • Applicants in highly professional fields such as medicine, finance or banking.
  • Those seeking government, municipal or civil services work.

Simple resume templates

Our Simple resume designs impress hiring managers by keeping the focus on your credentials, not on fussy design elements. They feature clean and elegant layouts that help recruiters zero in on the most relevant information on your resume. Select the design that works for you by exploring the ‘Traditional’ and ‘Modern’ Resume Builder tabs.

Who should choose a Simple resume template?

  • A good resume template choice for job seekers who are applying for roles across fields.
  • Job seekers who want to project that they are accomplishment focused.
  • Applicants who want an easily scannable resume by omitting photos and other visuals that might confuse an applicant tracking system (ATS) and disrupt the screening process.

Professional resume templates

Our Professional resume templates allow you to create minimalist and elegant resume layouts that are eye-catching and easy to read, which will help you present yourself to employers in a highly favorable light. Select the resume design that works for you by exploring the ‘Modern’ and ‘Traditional’ builder tab.

Who should choose a Professional resume template?

  • Those applying for jobs in a more conservative environment, like law firms or finance.
  • Applicants who want a template that is tailored to the job you are applying for without being distracting.
  • Job seekers who like more traditional features and classic color patterns.

Basic resume templates

Our Basic sample resume templates feature clean lines and streamlined formatting, making it easy for employers to see why you’d be the right person for the role. If you want to let your merits shine above fussy design elements, using a basic resume template is the right choice. Select the design that works for you by exploring the ‘Creative’ and ‘Modern’ builder tab.

Who should choose a Basic resume template?

  • If you are applying for jobs across multiple fields, these clean resume templates are suited to any industry.
  • Job seekers who want to submit a resume that is compliant with ATS tracking programs.
  • Applicants who want to comply with any resume format or level of experience using light lines and drawing attention to only the details you want employers to notice.

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LiveCareer’s professionally designed resume template formats include styles for every industry and job title. Search our comprehensive library of templates, then select a style that fits you best to impress any hiring manager.


Choose your resume template

Free downloadable Modern Templates

LiveCareer’s free downloadable resume templates in a Modern resume layout are perfect for applicants who want to craft a clean, easy-to-scan resume. While its versatility makes it suitable for various industries, our sample resume templates are appropriate for roles in forward-thinking industries like fashion, tech and advertising.

Premium Modern Templates

LiveCareer offers a wide variety of resume templates designed with hiring managers in mind that can fit the needs of many industries. Scroll through these options and start building your ideal job’s resume template.

Free downloadable Creative Templates

If you work in a creative field, personality and style are everything. Show employers your unique esthetic by using one of our free Creative templates. These downloadable resume templates are especially loved by job seekers in marketing, design and other non-traditional fields.

Premium Creative Templates

Make your credentials stand out through the use of bold design and pops of color, thanks to LiveCareer’s array of professionally styled resume templates. Scroll through these options to find the right one for you.

Free downloadable Traditional Templates

For those seeking work in conservative industries such as law or finance, presenting a buttoned-up image is critical to making a great first impression. Our free sample Traditional resume templates are clean and spare to let your qualifications take center stage.

Premium Traditional Templates

LiveCareer offers many recruiter-approved Traditional resume templates from which to choose. These templates showcase your experience and skills without the distraction of fussy design elements. Scroll through the options below to start building an excellent resume.

Free downloadable Simple Templates

Suitable for job seekers looking for work across industries, these Simple resume templates skip elaborate design elements in favor of putting the spotlight on your skills, experience and education.

Premium Simple Templates

  • If you are looking for a simple, no-fuss design for your resume, LiveCareer’s variety of clean resume templates are easy to download as a PDF or as a Microsoft Word resume template. Scroll through these options and start building a great resume.

Free downloadable Professional Templates

If you are applying for roles in various industries, consider using one of our highly versatile free Professional resume templates, which are a solid choice for every job seeker, from banker to lawyer.

Premium Professional Templates

Check out our wide variety of Professional resume designs that make great resume templates for work in a casual office, like tech or a more old-school work environment, like accounting.

Free downloadable Basic Templates

Perfect for any industry or job title, these Basic resume styles highlight your skills, experience and education with no distracting design elements.

Premium Basic Templates

Job seekers who want a streamlined, classic resume template should consider one of our Basic template designs. Scroll through these options and start building.