Professional Resume Templates for 2023

People want their resumes to stand out. While each field has unique quirks, hiring practices, and requirements, an easy-to-read, professional document is the best way to keep a recruiter or potential employer engaged. If you understand the required components your resume should have, you will be more successful in your job search.

The right professional resume template allows you to create a minimalist and elegant resume design that’s eye-catching and easy to read, which will help you present yourself to employers in a highly favorable light. Professional resume templates put your credentials front and center rather than the focus being on unnecessary design elements. Make sure to use fonts and designs that are clean and legible, like the examples below:

Professional Resume Templates

Is a Professional Resume Template Right for You?

With a straightforward and eye-catching professional document, you can confidently highlight your most impressive skills and accomplishments. These three factors will help you decide if a professional template is right for you:

  • What do I want my resume to convey to potential employers?

    Your resume gives a hiring manager their first impression of you, so it’s crucial to start on the right foot. Professional resume templates are popular with all job seekers, especially those applying to work in a more conservative environment, like law firms or finance.

  • Does this resume type align with your industry?

    A resume’s design should not only reflect your best attributes but also show you’ve researched your prospective employer’s company culture. A professional template draws attention to your most prized skills and showcases them in a way that is tailored to the job you are applying for without being distracting. Choosing a template that is appropriate is important but you can still use a hint of color in one of our more traditional designs to enhance the style of your resume.

  • Will this resume template pass an ATS?

    Our templates are designed with applicant tracking systems (ATS) in mind. These professional template selections have a clean line structure and subtle graphics that don’t confuse ATS, filtering out unqualified candidates. The versatile structure and flexible framework of a professional template are adaptable to almost any position.LiveCareer offers three different template styles to provide options for every job seeker. Our traditional and modern templates have various professional styles that will work with most industries and are ATS-friendly.

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Professional Resume Template FAQ
What does a professional resume look like?

Professional resume templates have more traditional features and a classic color pattern. This is to keep the focus on both the design and content of your document. A sleek header that grabs attention followed by easy-to-read and scan sections are great ways to keep a potential employer’s attention.

What is the best professional resume template?

The best template is one that is eye-catching and easy to read. It is important to select a template that can be easily formatted, sent, and scanned by various ATS programs. Our professional templates can emphasize the right places while leaving all of your style elements intact.

Who should use professional resume templates?

Any job seeker can use a professional template regardless of educational background or experience, and it is ideal for traditional industries like banking or law. It is important to curate your resume and align the style with what is expected for your desired industry so potential employers can see right away that you would be an excellent cultural fit.

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