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Many factors come into play when crafting a resume, including how you phrase your points and its visual appearance, but too many people don’t educate themselves in the basic recipes for success when it comes to applying for jobs. Our eye catching resume template for Word and writing tips show you how to make your application just that: eye catching and interesting. Important components such as the summary statement, skills section, work history section and education section are covered.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Think of your summary statement as an enticing introduction that makes hiring managers want to read more. Try to catch their attention by using skills and keywords present in the job description. This way, recruiters will assume you’re a good fit right off the bat, and will continue to read on and be further impressed.

Our eye catching resume template for Word includes a summary section with specific qualities you should try to emulate. Include

  • Your professional title
  • Strongest two or three skills
  • Best accomplishments, experiences and personality traits

While it may be tempting to go on at length about your qualifications, this section should be no longer than three sentences or bullet points. See these examples:

Supremely organized administrative assistant with five years’ experience managing phones and office work for high-profile law firms. Ability to multitask and switch easily between different tasks. Excellent communicator, both verbal and written, with clients and attorneys in person and on the phone.

CPA-certified staff accountant with three years’ experience managing budgets, writing financial reports and analyzing data. Excellent problem-solving and mathematical skills for reducing costs, streamlining budgets and creating recommendations. Well-developed leadership and team collaboration skills.

List style:

  • Project manager with seven years’ industry experience
  • Adept at Microsoft Suite programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Office
  • Excellent organizational, multitasking and communication skills

Writing Your Skills Section

This section is a concise list of your best qualifications. Show hiring managers you’re the best fit by scanning the job description you’re interested in to identify exactly what your potential employer is looking for. Our eye catching resume template for Word uses bullet points, common phrases and important keywords to succinctly outline qualifications.

Follow these tips for a compelling summary of what you have to offer:

  • Keep it general. You can go into further detail in your work history section
  • List between six and eight skills
  • Think carefully about the most vital skills and list them first

Check out this receptionist skills section example:

  • Effective salesmanship and communication
  • Strong attention to detail and multitasking abilities
  • CRM and Microsoft Suite software experience
  • 70 WPM typing skills
  • Excellent leadership and team collaboration
  • Professional and attentive demeanor

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is an opportunity to go into a lot of detail about your experiences, qualifications and skillsets. This is generally considered not only the longest but also most important component of your resume. Reference our eye catching resume template for Word to discover how to stand apart from the pack with your shining star attributes.

In addition, these guidelines can be very helpful:

  • Start each bullet point with a powerful action verb
  • Avoid redundancy with your language
  • Be as detailed as possible: Include name of awards, how many people you managed, how many accounts you worked with, etc.
  • Include five to eight bullet points for each position
  • List at least two positions, three if you’re experienced

Maintenance Technician

  • Repaired residential electrical systems by independently traveling to client homes with one other technician
  • Applied mechanical problem-solving to efficiently fix a wide range of lighting, appliance and electrical circuit system breakdowns

Account Manager

  • Managed over 30 high-profile sale accounts totaling an average of $90,000
  • Communicated with existing clients in person and over the phone to streamline the advertising firm’s marketing and public relations services

Financial Analyst

  • Created weekly, monthly and annual spending reports for over 200 accounts while employed
  • Audited financial processes and analyzed department performance to suggest how to create a more streamlined monetary strategy

Writing Your Education Section

After filling your work history section with juicy details, you might be compelled to continue adding as much information as possible in your education section. In actuality, this component should be a clean, streamlined summary of your background, with carefully considered details.

Notice the eye catching resume template for Word avoids listing high school education if the candidate has post-secondary experience and never lists GPA. Even for jobs where educational background might not be as important, follow these best practices:

  • Start with your highest level of education
  • List the type of degree, name of institution, its location and your graduation year
  • Include supplementary certificates, seminars and professional memberships

Business Analyst Education Example:

Master of Business Administration – 2012

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Memberships: National Association of Business Leaders

Bachelor of Arts in Economics – 2010

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Graduated Cum Laude

Using Action Verbs in Your Eye Catching Word Resume Template

Notice in the eye catching resume template for Word that each point in the work history section begins with an action verb. Use this strategy to paint a picture of your role in past jobs and give your resume a coherent feel. If you’re having trouble coming up with persuasive words, grab a thesaurus.

These examples can serve as valuable inspiration:

  • Liaised with executives to schedule meetings, organize a high flow of paperwork and communicate with clients
  • Greeted customers as they entered retail establishment and informed them about clothing discounts
  • Coached a team of seven professionals to provide feedback on client meeting strategies
  • Traveled to a wide range of commercial facilities to perform electrical system checkups, maintenance and repair
  • Cold-called potential clients to explain the benefits of loan services to alleviate debt or expand businesses

Adding Metrics to Your Eye Catching Resume

There is no better way to add credibility to your resume than including specific stats, percentages and numbers to show employers you are results-driven. Try to include elements like monetary figures, how many accounts you managed, the number of team members you influenced or how many clients you converted to your company.

The eye catching resume template for Word includes some polished examples. For further help on editing, take a look how these examples can be enhanced with effective metrics:

With metric

  • Worked with a $20,000 budget to plan a total of four oversea company vacations, booking hotels and taking reservations from around 300 employees
  • Scheduled an average of 10 appointments per week with company representatives seeking premium accounting services
  • Mentored five junior business analysts on effective methods to streamline clients’ advertising budget, contributing to over $50,000 savings for a major firm


Without metric

  • Worked with a budget to plan oversea company vacations, booking hotels and taking employee reservations
  • Scheduled appointments with company representatives seeking premium accounting services
  • Mentored a team of junior business analysts on effective methods to streamline clients’ advertising budget
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