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Your resume should leave as much of a visual impact on your potential employers as it does a professional one. To help add an impressive look to your presentation, use our handy double-sided resume template for Word, found below, along with our informative writing and style guide. This guide will explain how to use the template to your advantage by walking you through each section, including the summary statement, skills section, work history section and education section.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

A strong, visually appealing summary statement sends a bold, confident message to hiring managers. An effective statement should evoke your professional branding and incorporate about 2-3 areas of functional expertise. It should also be concise, no more than three sentences. Think of your summary statement as your elevator pitch to employers; your goal is to paint as full a picture of your professional and personal attributes as you can in a limited amount of space.

The double-sided resume template for Word shows a way in which you can style your summary statement to be more visually striking. With a tight format and strong, concise writing, you can create a personal statement that catches the eyes of employers. As you write, be sure to include the following information:

  • Your experience, area of expertise and professional title
  • Your 2-3 most valuable hard skills
  • 1-2 personality attributes, or “soft” skills

For a better idea of the kind of information to include in your summary statement, take a look at these strong examples from various professions:

Paragraph style:

Financial analyst with 12 years’ experience in multinational banking corporation. Oversaw equity research team, coordinating investment strategists with executive officers. Diplomatic and expedient.

Meticulous administrative assistant with 10 years’ experience in fast-paced corporate environments. Communication is professional and engaging. Trained in Microsoft Office Suite and most appointment software.

List style:

  • 10-year sales representative with an aptitude for sustaining client relations
  • Balanced approach to return and new business
  • Acquired 15 accounts over 3-year period

Writing Your Skills Section

The second portion of your resume features a list of professional skills and valuable personality attributes relevant to the position you’re applying for. Additionally, this section allows you to pack industry-targeted key phrases, increasing your presence in job recruiting software systems. Using the double-sided resume template for Word as your guide, create a list of your own skills that help you stand out among other applicants. Be sure to include

  • A list of 7-8 skills
  • Relevant areas of expertise only
  • Short phrases without punctuation

Here’s an example of a complete staff accountant skills section:

  • Proficient in Intuit QuickBooks accounting software
  • Accurate record keeper
  • Adept in advanced mathematical reasoning
  • Fluent in federal and state-level tax code
  • Complex problem-solver
  • Experienced in payroll systems

Writing Your Work History Section

The largest portion of your resume is dedicated to the work history section, where you present your professional roles and accomplishments. Unlike the previous sections, in your work history you have the opportunity to expound in more detail about your professional experience. Instead of simply listing tasks and duties performed in your previous line of work, focus on your career achievements. Advancement, leadership roles and workplace accomplishments are much more informative to employers and are better selling points for your job candidacy.

The double-sided resume template for Word gives a clearer picture of how you should present your work history. As you fill in your template, keep in mind that your work history should incorporate

  • The dates and locations of your previous employment
  • 5-8 bullet points under each job title heading
  • A balance of duties and professional achievements
  • Descriptive and engaging action verbs
  • Specific performance metrics

Take a look at some work history examples from different professions to help you refine your own experience section:

Account Manager

  • Acquired 5 new advertising contracts
  • Maintained 85% client retention ratio

Business Analyst

  • Spearheaded business strategy redevelopment campaign
  • Increased market data volume by 200%

Maintenance Technician

  • Maintained and repaired fleet of 25 commercial vehicles
  • Integrated computer diagnostic tools into maintenance garage

Writing Your Education Section

The final part of the double-sided resume template for Word is the education section, in which you list your training credentials, including degrees, certificates, coursework and more. This section should be easy to scan at a cursory glance, so formatting is critical. Depending on your profession, you will want to stress certain credentials over others, such as industry-specific certifications and degrees. In general, your education section should

  • Start with the highest degree received and proceed in reverse chronological order
  • Omit your GPA
  • Include in-progress degrees with an expected completion date

Finally, here’s an example of a completed education section that you can refer to:

Bachelor of Arts in Business – 2015

University of Wyoming – Laramie, WY

Courses included: Business Management, Global Economics

Associate of Business – 2014

Laramie County Community College – Cheyenne, WY


Using Action Verbs in Your Double-Sided Resume

The difference between a strong resume and one that employers ignore is the use of action verbs in your job descriptions. As you can see in the double-sided resume template for Word, the verbs are direct, confident and engaging. Instead of words like “worked” or “managed,” start each point with verbs like “oversaw” or “coordinated.” Not only are these words more descriptive and specific, they make you appear more active in your work life. Here are some great ways to incorporate action verbs into your work experience:

  • Facilitated the growth of 10 new franchises
  • Initiated new business development strategy
  • Coordinated market research team with sales representatives
  • Oversaw the transition into new business location
  • Reduced business spending by 26%

Adding Metrics to Your Double-Sided Resume

In most cases, hiring managers are looking for hard data to back your resume. For some job candidates, it can be challenging coming up with quantifiable performance metrics, or the information may simply inaccessible.

Fortunately, as shown in the double-sided resume template for Word, there are ways to incorporate numbers throughout your work history. Different metrics can include the amount of revenue you brought in, the number of staff who reported to you, personal performance goals, average number of customers served or phones calls made and much more. Metrics not only strengthen your credibility but reinforce your professional accomplishments. Anywhere you can put a number to back a claim, do it.

With metric

  • Answered 25 phone calls every day
  • Oversaw team of 12 web developers during an 8-month website rebuild and launch
  • Increased quarterly revenue by 36% over a period of 2 years


Without metric

  • Answered phone calls every day
  • Oversaw team of web developers for duration of project
  • Increased average quarterly revenue
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