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Any company that deals in physical goods needs to manage the complex logistical task of moving those goods from one place to another. While most often employed in industries like warehousing and storage, freight transportation and other private enterprises, these experts are found all over, with 139,400 transportation, storage and distribution managers employed in the U.S. in 2019.

LiveCareer can help you put your own job search in motion with our transportation specialist resume example, written by our team of certified resume writers. Read on to learn how they help job seekers optimize their resumes and move closer to career success.


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What is a Transportation Specialist?

Transportation specialists are supply chain professionals who ensure organizations have a transportation infrastructure that is safe, economical, stable and compliant with laws and regulations. It’s their responsibility to create a resilient supply chain unaffected by potential disruptions. They may need to ensure customers receive goods or services on time, or resolve customer questions regarding delivery status.

Transportation specialists, who usually (but not always) need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for their roles, optimize costs by maximizing efficiency in transportation operations within their company. They might manage fleet operators, for example, to ensure regular maintenance is performed on delivery vehicles.

What Makes This a Great
Transportation Specialist Resume Example?

Our resume examples make resume writing simpler. Our transportation specialist resume was crafted by our team of certified resume writers to make clearer what recruiters in the transportation industry want to see on applicants’ resumes.

Here are some advantages of using our resume examples as writing guides:

  • Sought-after keywords: You can boost your resume’s odds of success with job-relevant content borrowed from our examples and Resume Builder. They might offer industry-standard phrases like “use predictive analytics for fleet repairs” and “expertise in route-planning,” which reflect the kind writing hiring managers scan resumes to find.
  • Displays appropriate template use:A chronological resume format, used in the resume example above, is most suitable for highly experienced candidates with many years of experience and few gaps in their work history. For those with less experience, the more skills-based approach of a functional or combination format may serve them well.
  • Help picking a fitting template:  Since transportation specialists work across so many different industries, it’s best for them to pick a resume template with a design that suits the specific company they want to work for. Our Resume Builder offers job seekers a diverse array of template options for any job application scenario.

3 Transportation Specialist Professional Summary Examples

A professional summary should paint a picture in recruiters’ minds that an applicant is uniquely qualified for the role at hand. You can use our Resume Builder or resume examples for ideas on how to craft a strong summary that will land you the job.

Here are three professional summary examples you might consider:

  1. Results-oriented transportation specialist with over eight years of experience with two international courier services companies. Expertise in FAA, DOT, FRA statutes and guidelines. Experience in multi-modal route management and redundancy planning to maintain on-time delivery excellence. Possess strong operations management skills; comfortable working long hours in high-intensity environments.
  2. Analytical transportation specialist with over 12 years of experience in FMCG companies. Skilled at integrating data feedback across entire supply chain to optimize inventory management, warehouse planning and vendor management. Proficient with transportation management software like SAP, TMS and Cerasis.
  3. NAPT-certified specialist with over four years of experience managing transportation services for public schools. Manage bus fleets and operators according to guidelines for student safety and security. Trained in accommodating requirements of special needs students and scheduling bus routes. Consistent history of displaying strong time management and interpersonal skills.

3 Transportation Specialist Work Experience Examples

Transportation specialists need to be dedicated operations professionals with measurable successes throughout their entire employment history. Our Resume Builder offers job-relevant content suggestions that can be easily personalized to reflect your impressive accomplishments achieved in past roles.

Here are examples from three work experience sections you could consider:

  1. Manage transportation logistics for petroleum company with network of 5,000 gas stations and fleet of 2000 trucks across the United States.
  2. Resolve bi-weekly average of 210 invoicing and delivery queries for an e-commerce firm.
  3. Optimized route planning for a cargo-moving company, reducing fuel costs by 27%.

Top Skills for Your Transportation Specialist Resume

To grab recruiters’ attention for transportation specialist roles, you need to mention sought-after skills pulled directly from their job descriptions. Find suggestions for these skills via our resume examples and Resume Builder, which together provide a comprehensive list of what employers look for.

Here are some skills hard and soft skills appropriate for this job:

Hard Skills

  • Route scheduling
  • Oracle TMS, Tableau
  • Fleet management
  • Warehouse planning

Soft Skills

  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Predictive analysis

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Transportation Specialist FAQs

What are the educational qualifications required to become a transportation specialist?

Transportation specialists should have at least a bachelor’s degree in transportation, supply chain management or another related field. A master’s degree significantly boosts job prospects. Most companies require candidates to have strong regulatory knowledge and prior experience in the transportation field, whether as a supervisor or assistant, since this is a job where hands-on experience is crucial to knowing how to optimize efficiency.

What are the certification programs for transportation specialists?

Depending on the goods being transported, some transportation specialists may indeed be required to obtain a certification. For instance, transportation specialists dealing with hazardous materials require DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training, while those managing transportation of students need a NAPT certification. Those managing other types of bus transportation may need a TSSP or WSO certification.

What is a day in the life of a transportation specialist like?

Professionals in these roles may have to deal with issues ranging from vehicle breakdown, inward and outward delivery delay and other route disruptions, or other similar issues. Transportation specialists might have to work for long hours in the office regularly, and will likely need to remain available on-call, especially in companies with global supply chains.