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Competition in the job market today is fierce and a strong resume will help get you noticed. Most job openings attract hundreds of applicants, but with LiveCareer you can easily build a resume to show employers that your skills and experience make you the best candidate.


A strong resume: The best tool for your job search

A well-written resume shows employers how your unique set of skills and experience make you the best candidate for the job. While every resume should contain your contact information, a professional summary, work history, skills and education section, your achievements must be directly relevant to the role. To show employers that you have the right credentials, you should customize your resume to the job ad.

LiveCareer’s AI-powered Resume Builder, tools and resources will help you create a professional resume that hits the mark by including the right mix of skills and keywords to capture the attention of hiring managers.


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How we can help you create an impressive resume

When you use LiveCareer’s tools and services, you have a better shot at landing the job you want. We make it easy with:

An award-winning Resume Builder

LiveCareer’s Resume Builder does everything short of sending out your job applications for you! Our builder walks you step-by-step through the resume-writing process, offering pre-written text suggestions for every section of your resume. These recommendations help ensure that your resume contains the right mix of skills and keywords that employers look for when identifying top candidates.

Expert resume examples and templates

LiveCareer also offers a bevy of tools and writing tips to help you perfect the craft of resume writing. Our in-depth collection of resume examples span hundreds of industries and job titles and were created by certified resume writers. Our professional examples show you what recruiters expect from top candidates in your field. Our library of professionally designed, industry-appropriate resume templates will make your resume visually stand out from the competition.

Professional guides and advice

Our guide on the top resume formats will help you choose the best format to highlight your most impressive credentials. And our how to write a resume guide offers expert advice on writing every section of your resume.

Personalized resume services

Our resume check tool scans your resume to evaluate how it will perform when read by an applicant tracking system. If you want a professional resume review, our team of resume experts will provide you with a detailed analysis and a written report outlining your resume’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Or turn over the writing to our professional resume writers. You’ll be assigned a writer who understands your industry and knows what recruiters look for in the hiring process.

LiveCareer has all the tools you need to create the professional resume you need to take the next step in your career.



What is the history of the resume?

What was once a checklist that helped people coming back from the front lines of WWII gain a job in their community, a resume is now a tool used by almost every company to identify qualified candidates. Writing a resume is a skill that every job seeker needs to master to become successful in today’s competitive job market.

What are employers looking for in a resume?

Research shows that more than 60% of recruiters look for a customized resume from applicants. That means a resume that has been tweaked to address the specific skills and qualifications outlined in the job ad. With recruiters sometimes receiving hundreds of resumes for a single job opening, they need to determine within seconds whether an applicant is worthy of a job interview, which makes customization critical to the success of your job search.

Employers also look for a well-formatted resume. The chronological resume is the most popular format since it is easy to scan, listing your work experience in reverse-chronological order. However, the combination and functional formats also work well depending on your skills and experience level.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

While resumes are the most commonly used job application document in the United States, a curriculum vitae (CV) is used by applicants in some fields, like academia, science and entertainment. CVs are longer and provide much more detailed job-related information than a resume. Many include lists of published works, conferences attended, or courses taught, details that don’t usually appear in a resume. When deciding which document to use, it’s important to familiarize yourself with industry expectations and which type of document an employer requests in a job ad.