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Dear Reader,

It is with great pride that I announce the release date of my newest novel. On September 15th, you will be able to start downloading "The Icy Touch" as an ebook to your Kindle or other reading device. For those who want a hard copy book, the hardcover and paperback versions will be in book stores on September 18th.

I am very proud of this novel and feel that it offers several plot elements that most of my readers may not be used to. This is the start of a series of books about a cowboy and his family as they move north. Up until this point, the idea of writing about the American Wild West had not been something I had considered. But a recent vacation at a Montana dude ranch changed my mind.

I strongly urge you to get "The Icy Touch" the moment it comes out to become familiar with this new format. The story is engaging and the book has already received several rave reviews. You can download the ebook from my website or the Kindle bookstore. You can pre-order the hardcover or paperback versions from my website. If you want to go to your local bookstore instead, which I strongly urge you to do, then make sure you are there on September 18th to get your copy.

Sincerely Yours,

Anna R. Thames

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