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A cover letter is more than a mere formality when it comes to your job search. Instead, it should stand out from the pack of jobseekers and call the right kind of attention to yourself as a candidate. For some practical advice, look at our inventory manager cover letter example and these tips.

  • Do think outside the box. Many guides to cover letters tell you to stick to a format using three to five paragraphs. However, you’ll notice that the candidate in this sample letter has used bullet points. They’re an excellent way to emphasize skills you possess that the hiring manager seeks.
  • Don’t be afraid to brag a little. After all, the point of a cover letter is to sell yourself. Our candidate uses direct, strong language to spotlight his skills.
  • Do include the hiring manager’s name. With some research, you can usually uncover this bit of information. Personalization is powerful and gets a manager’s attention right away.
  • Don’t forget to have someone else read the letter before sending. A second pair of eyes never hurts, and you’ll get useful feedback to polish it.

Inventory Manager Advice

Looking for a job as an inventory manager? The cover letter examples below have been created to help you write your own inventory maanger cover letter. Choose from multiple template and design options, and use the pre-written text as a guide in putting your cover letter together. Take the next step toward the career you want. Click on any of the cover letter examples below to get started today.

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Cover Letter Tips for
Inventory Manager

Finding a job as a Inventory Manager or anywhere else is not hard so long as you know the best steps to take.

  • Read professional posts. The internet is a vast resource of free information. Professionals that hire run blogs and otherwise share valuable information. These tips serve as indispensable pieces of wisdom to make your job hunt even easier.

  • Reach out to the community. Many jobs are found through networking, however this doesn’t mean networking strictly through business meetups. Become involved with local groups that share your common interest. You never know who else enjoys summer softball.

  • Take assessments. Even if you’re dead set on working at one place, it never hurts to have a few backup plans. Online assessments will help you determine other avenues of career potential you may not have considered before.

  • Hold an informational interview. Reach out to professionals as a Inventory Manager working the job you want. Ask them about it. Learn from them what it takes to get hired. Make them a mentor.

  • Prep your cover letter. Dedicate a day or two to updating your cover letter. Though finding and applying for open positions is easy, these preliminary forms are only the first step in a long process. If you want to make it to an interview, you need a cover letter that can’t be ignored.

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Inventory Manager Job Seeking Tips

Inventory Manager, Boston or Chicago, if your cover letter isn’t stunning enough to draw the attention of a hiring manager while still adhering to some basic hard and fast rules, your experience, goals and industry expertise will mean nothing.

  • Create more than one cover letter. Companies outline exactly what they’re looking for and no two positions will be exactly the same. The more tailored to the job opening your cover letter can be, the better the chance you’ll be called in.

  • Use your professional name. If you go by Bill instead of William, make that clear on your cover letter.

  • List the most relevant information first. This is especially important in regards to your education. If your degree is forgettable, put it at the end. If, however, it is your best selling point for the position you’re seeking, keep it at the top.

  • Go for “Experience” instead of “Employment”. By making this simple word switch, you now allow yourself to add volunteer experience or internship achievements in the main section of the cover letter, saving space further down the page.

  • Cover up gaps with self-employment. Many employees take time away from work to pursue individual interests. As gaps are seen as major warning signs by companies, be sure you outline everything you accomplished when you were self-employed during this break from the corporate or retail world.

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