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Rank Name Description Price Rating
1 MightyRecruiter MightyRecruiter has an awesome database of 15 million+ unique job-seekers so you can find the right employees quickly and easily. Hire quality, hire faster with Mighty Recruiter! $ 5/5
2 LiveCareer A meta-search job site that pulls job postings from more than 500 places, including the major job boards, the top 200 newspapers, hundreds of professional associations, and company career centers. Job-seekers can search for job listings by (what: title, keywords, company; and where: location). No cost to job-seekers. $ 5/5
3 Indeed A job seeking platform that allows employers to post and job-seekers to search. Users can make their own Indeed Resume to use in job applications. The site even recommends jobs! $$$ 5/5
4 AppCast Appcast allows employers to post their open jobs on a ‘pay-per-applicant’ understanding that spans a network of over 6,000 career and consumer sites. So, the big difference here is that you don’t pay per click or per post. $$$$ 2/5
5 One of the oldest job sites on the Web, with several hundred thousand jobs worldwide. Also includes career advice and relocation services for job-seekers, as well as an auction-style marketplace for independent professionals. $$$$ 4/5
6 COG(n)IUS A tech platform built to reduce inefficiency for employers and jobseekers. They're especially great with startups. $$$$ 2/5
7 Geebo A “brick-and-mortar” forum where job-seekers can easily find job postings in most major US cities. $$$$ 3/5
8 A non-profit and member owned community of talent acquisition. It was developed by 14 Fortune 500 companies to reduce recruiting costs and preserve the integrity of their brands. $$$$ 1/5
9 Juju JuJu primarily considers itself a job search engine, as opposed to an official job board. Users can easily find millions of open positions from a variety of sites. $$$$ 2/5
10 Lead5 A platform to confidentially discover, assess, pursue, and share opportunities among a community of likeminded and similarly successful professionals. $$$ 3/5