Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter Sample

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Brady Kline

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To Whom it May Concern,

Hopefully after reviewing the chronology of my case you’ll agree with me that the correct start date for my benefits is October 6 and that there has not been an overpayment.

43011 – I was let go so the owner’s fiance could take my job. At that time he said he’d give me two weeks severance pay and would not fight my unemployment. Both statements turned out not to be true.

I applied for unemployment benefits on line. In response to the question about severance pay I acknowledged the two-weeks severance I’d been promised making my benefit start date October 20.


I received your letter denying my unemployment and allowing me to appeal that decision.


I provided you with the details of my dismissal in appeal.


Based on the information I provided you reversed your original decision and awarded the benefit. I was provided a new application form and when asked about severance I answered ‘none’ because by then the owner had changed his mind. I knew that being a salaried employee I couldn’t compel him to pay.

Based on that change my start date was October 6 which is when my benefits began. No overpayment. Just broken promises creating confusion.

Sincerely Yours,

Brady Kline

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