Writing A Real Estate Agent Recommendation Letter

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When you write a recommendation letter it’s critical that you know how each paragraph is supposed to function. Employers have very specific expectations when it comes to these letters, but at the same time they want to learn new things and gain new insight into people they might hire. The best real estate agent recommendation letters strike a balance between these two things, being interesting but at the same time informative.

Jamya Patrick

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Shirley Harding for the position of real estate agent at your company. Shirley was a real estate agent at my agency for over four years and consistently was the most prolific of our agents. She worked excellently with people, was a whiz at home d?cor and arrangement, and in the end always closed the sale.

Shirley handled many different general real estate duties including preparing listings and writing specs, preparing homes for visits, coordinating visits, negotiating rates, and other tasks. She was very popular with clients, both because of her friendliness but also her track record of success. She had the ability to make a house look almost perfect, and her detailed listings were critical to her success as well.

Shirley was in many ways the perfect agent: hard working, detail oriented, good with people, and a knack for closing the sale. Her excellent work and consistent results ensures that she comes very highly recommended.


Mark Steinham

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