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Searching for a job in the graphic design industry requires a professional resume that displays your best assets. We have created a graphic design resume template for Word that includes step-by-step writing tips for the most important sections of your resume. Use the provided information and your own creativity to create an excellent summary statement, skills section, work history section and education section. Doing so will help you land the job interviews you hope for.

Graphic Design Resume Template

Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement is the first section in your resume and determines whether a hiring manager keeps reading, so it must highlight your biggest achievements in the industry. The graphic design resume template for Word can help you determine which items to include.

A summary statement can either be a short paragraph or a few bullet points to show why you would be the best candidate for the job. Include at least a couple of keywords or skills mentioned in the job description to get the best results. Ideally, you should list:

* Specific skills related to the open position

* The amount of experience you have in similar positions

* A soft skill or two, such as admirable personality traits

These examples will help you create your summary statement:

Example 1

Graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Specializes in typography for posters, brochures and other text-heavy designs. Creative individual always looking toward the next design trend.

Example 2

Graphic Designer:

* 10 years’ experience

* Adobe Creative Suite

* Expert at turning others’ ideas into art

Example 3

Qualified graphic designer with experience in digital illustration, typography and video editing software. Ability to create using both Windows and Apple products. Trained in a range of styles to meet many project needs.

Example 4

Graphic Designer:

* 20 years of experience in the industry

* Previously designed content for A-list musicians

* Skilled digital illustrator

Writing Your Skills Section

When writing your skills section, focus on the ones most relevant to the job description and avoid listing skills that would be irrelevant. Ideally, you will include keywords that use the exact phrasing utilized in the job description, which helps to prove your knowledge and abilities in the industry. Use these tips and the graphic design resume template for Word to help you:

* List the most important skills first

* Avoid beginning each skill with “excellent” or similar words

* Keep your skills to eight or fewer

Below are some of the top skills for a graphic designer. You can use the ones relevant to your expertise to help you get started.

* Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator expertise

* HTML5, CSS and PHP knowledge

* Layout and conversion optimization skills

* Specialization in typography design

* Up to date on the latest design trends

* Ability to draw physical markups before going digital

* Skilled at turning a client’s ideas into a physical vision

Writing Your Work History Section

To this point, you’ve given hiring managers a taste of your abilities. The work history section is where you go into more detail about your accomplishments and experience in the industry. The bulk of your resume will be in this section. Use the graphic design resume template for Word and the following guidelines to ensure it’s the best you can make it:

* Use facts and figures to show your success when possible

* Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb

* Only focus on jobs related to the graphic design industry

* Write in reverse chronological order

The following examples will give you a good idea of what to include in your graphic design work history section:

* Created print and web advertisements for three Fortune 500 companies

* Led a team of five other graphic designers and delegated tasks as needed

* Consulted with clients to determine the best graphic design practices based on their marketing goals

* Managed production budgets of up to $25,000 and ensured efficient use of all funds

Writing Your Education Section

While the education section is more important for some professions than others, you should still include one on every resume. Like the included graphic design resume template for Word, your education section should be short and to the point. Follow these best practices for further guidance:

* Start with your highest level of education

* Avoid listing high school information unless you have not gone to college

* Only include extracurricular activities if they directly relate to the graphic design industry

Example 1

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design – 2010

The Ohio State University

Layout Editor – 2010

The Ohio State University Gazette

Example 2

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design – 2010

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising – 2010

The Ohio State University

Member of the Graphic Artists Guild


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