How to Write a Great Resume Summary Statement

How to Write a Great Resume Summary Statement

Writing a great resume summary statement is probably one of the toughest, but most important, parts of the entire process. A summary statement is the first thing potential employers see, and it can determine whether they decide to read any further. This statement is a more effective substitute for the “Objectives” section of resumes from days gone by. The summary statement paints a picture of who you are and what makes you qualified for a position.


Why You Need Great Resume Summary Statement

Unlike an objective, which tells an employer what you hope to gain from a job, a summary statement emphasizes what you can offer a company. Think of it as your sales pitch. This statement should be approximately four to six lines highlighting your experience, achievements and characteristics that make you uniquely qualified for a position. 

How to Make Your Summary Statement Stand Out

Speaking of unique, it’s absolutely imperative that you tailor each and every summary statement to the particular job for which you’re applying. Every position has its own set of requirements, and every company its own culture. Therefore, it just makes sense that the summary of your qualifications should speak to each one individually. 

A great resume summary statement should catch the reader’s attention right away. Be sure to include specifics about your unique achievements, as well as an overall picture of the characteristics you possess that differentiate you from the rest. Include details such as how many years of experience you possess, particular awards or goals you attained and specific skills or areas of expertise you bring to the table. 

Who Should Use a Resume Summary Statement

While it’s true that summary statements are an eye-catching selling point for any resume, there are particular groups of job seekers for whom this kind of tool is particularly useful. People who are looking to change careers should definitely write a summary that showcases their transferable skills. These are the kinds of things you may have used on your last job that will benefit employers in your new career field. By showing potential employers what you’ve learned in past professions, you can avoid having your resume tossed in the slush pile due to apparent lack of industry experience.

New grads should also be sure to craft a detailed resume summary statement. By doing so, you’ll be sure to show hiring agents the kinds of characteristics you possess that will benefit them, despite possible limited experience. Finally, those with a vast array of job experience will want to be certain to include a targeted summary for each position they apply. Include only your most relevant qualities in order to demonstrate how you can help this particular company with your past knowledge and experience.

As you can see, a great resume summary statement is a useful and essential tool for helping you to land the job of your dreams, no matter what your stage in life. has several resume examples to help you visualize what an effective statement can be, based on your intended career field, and our Resume Builder is available to assist you with crafting an effective and professional resume that’s sure to get noticed. 

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