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While your resume gives the details about what you can do, a cover letter lets you really connect with a hiring manager and share who you are. It is the very first chance you have to sell yourself. To ensure yours is engaging enough to make a hiring manager want to learn more about you, use this apprentice plumber cover letter example and the following do’s and don’ts.

  • Do keep things conversational. You don’t want to come across as stuffy or formal. The cover letter is your chance to make a personal connection, so be personable.
  • Don’t be overzealous. Using too many adverbs is the downfall of many cover letters. The example kept things concise without getting too flowery with the wording.
  • Do show how you can benefit the company. Hiring managers are looking for the person who will offer the company something, so prove you are that person.
  • Don’t focus too much on your education. Instead, highlight skills and experience that show you can actually do the job for which you are applying. The applicant in the example focuses completely on skills, which helps to make the document strong.

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Looking for apprentice plumber jobs? The cover letter examples below can help. Apprentice plumbers should have professional training, a desire to learn and a cover letter which explains why they want the job. These cover letter examples will help you build the winning cover letter you’ll need to help get your apprentice plumber career going. Click on any of the pre-written examples below to get started.

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Cover Letter Tips for
Apprentice Plumber

Jobs as a Apprentice Plumber are there for the taking for those who know where to find them. The search tips below will give you a leg up in conducting a job hunt as a Apprentice Plumber or anywhere else in the country.

  • Formulate a plan of attack. By sitting down and scheduling your job hunt, along with developing contingencies for issues along the way, you can give your search the structure it needs to persist through any challenges that arise.

  • Examine your options. Consider your skillset and experience and think about alternate career opportunities, either a lateral move within a field, or changing industries altogether.

  • Investigate all available resources. Along with online searches and job banks, look at newspaper ads, visit job fairs, contact local job centers and check out company webpages for job postings.

  • Expand your networking. Even after the rise of Internet interactions, who you know in person as well as online can be crucial for getting a company to take a chance on you.

  • Be persistent. Don’t let yourself be overlooked or misfiled; keep contacting a company until you get a firm no about your application or interview.

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Apprentice Plumber Job Seeking Tips

When seeking jobs as a Apprentice Plumber, your cover letter gets your foot in the door with potential employers in any industry. To make sure your application is putting your best foot forward, follow these standard cover letter practices.

  • Start off with a summary. Rather than a statement of objective, a professional summary or overview provides a succinct introduction to your most hirable qualities, making you more memorable.

  • Combine short sections. While listing skills or certifications in their own sections can usefully highlight these traits, try to have at least three to six items per section, and blend sparser sections together to avoid looking under-accomplished.

  • Only include relevant skills. Everything on your cover letter should relate to the job application. Generally hobbies are unnecessary, unless they have an obvious connection to the career in question.

  • Bullet point the lists. Whether it’s a double-columned skills section or the duties and achievements in your work history, bullet points make the lists appear more professional and easier to read.

  • List education chronologically. Also, don’t include your high school unless it’s the highest level of education you’ve received. If you have any college experience, your high school diploma is a superfluous detail.

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