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When you’re hoping to get a new job, your cover letter may be your first introduction to the hiring manager. Your letter should be a short, concise description of your qualifications for the desired position. Use our order picker cover letter example to guide your creation of your own document and refer to the included do’s and don’ts to be sure that your letter is as effective as possible.

  • Do be sure to spell-check and otherwise edit your document. There are a variety of editing tools available online to help you determine if your cover letter is too wordy, written in passive voice, or filled with spelling errors.
  • Don’t worry that you’ll come off sounding like you’re bragging. If you were the fastest member of the team at completing orders, be sure to mention that in your cover letter.
  • Do limit your cover letter to a concise half page, or even shorter. Most hiring managers prefer short documents that get right to the point.
  • Don’t use stock phrases to describe yourself. Skip phrases such as “team player” and use specifics such as “team leader for six months.”

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Are you detail-oriented, able to lift heavy objects, and responsible? You could get a job as an order picker. But you’ll need a cover letter to get hired. An order picker is a skilled warehouse worked responsible for moving and distributing goods and equipment for the military, government, or private business. The cover letter examples below are a useful tool in building your own order picker cover letter. Just click on any of the cover examples below to move one step closer to getting hired.

Order Picker Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Tips for
Order Picker

When you’re searching for employment, taking the right steps can make the entire process simpler and increase your chances of finding success.

  • Expand your search. Look in less common places, like with a job club or support group in your area. Attending job fairs and reading professional journals can also lead to more opportunities for interviews.

  • Talk with everyone about your search. The best way to find a job is through networking, so try to talk to a new person about your search every day.

  • Identifying your skills can help you determine which profession to pursue. Taking assessments can help you decide what types of careers would be a good fit.

  • Seek contract work during your search. While you’re looking for permanent employment, you can gain valuable experience and make connections through contract positions.

  • Stay positive. It may take time, but finding a perfect job often requires persistence.

Order Picker Cover Letter Example

Order Picker Job Seeking Tips

As you prepare to apply for jobs as a Order Picker, it’s important to remember that a winning cover letter can help you land a position. Each industry has different hiring requirements, but a well-written cover letter can increase your chances of being hired in any field. Here are five tips to guide you as you write your cover letter.

  • Make your cover letter readable. Bullet points and headers can allow the reader to skim for the most important parts.

  • Strive for uniqueness. Many applicants use cover letter templates that come with their computer programs, so in order for your application to stand out, you need to create a customized format.

  • Include ways for the company to contact you, but don’t give too much information. Identity theft is a concern, so feel free to omit your street address and simply include your city, state and phone number.

  • Edit your cover letter several times before submitting. Delete any useless information and pay close attention to your grammar and usage.

  • Use strong words, such as “collaborate” instead of “worked together. ” Not only will your cover letter sound more impressive, it will often have better flow and continuity.

Order Picker Cover Letter Sample

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