Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

The first thing to start with for an effective dental resume is a strong summary statement. This is the part of your resume that determines if the hiring manager will continue reading, so it’s important to make it great. The best method of getting your reader’s attention is to customize your statement to include skills and keywords from the job description. You can start by identifying your specific title or occupation and then list two or three additional important achievements or specialized skills you have. It’s best to use bullet points or short, impactful sentences, as shown in the dental resume template for Word.

Summary Statement Example 1:

Board-certified dentist with 15 years of experience in practice. Commitment to quality care and patient satisfaction. Self-starter with an ability to accurately diagnose and treat dental conditions

Summary Statement Example 2:

• Dental hygienist with four years of experience
• Reputation of compassionate and effective care
• Responsible for a 25 percent reduction of patient cavities with specific flossing instructions

Summary Statement Example 3:

• Dental assistant with 24 years of experience
• Assisted with 10-15 patients per day
• Maintained a sterile and organized environment for optimal patient care

Summary Statement Example 4:

• Experienced dental laboratory technician
• Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
• Accurately created dental appliances and products for patients

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

When you start working on your resume for a job in the dental industry, there are several important skills hiring managers may look for. In the dental resume template for Word, you can see some examples of common skills to discuss and expand upon on your own document. Here are some top suggestions:

• Use bullet points when presenting your skills to keep everything organized and easy to read.
• Focus on listing the most relevant skills that your potential position performs on a daily basis.
• Make sure you mention the skills and responsibilities discussed in the posting for the job to give yourself a better chance of being hired.

Here are a few skills that you may want to include in your resume for jobs in the dental industry:

• Knowledge and expertise in dentistry and physiology
• Understanding of customer service and care
• Ability to problem solve and look for alternative solutions
• Strong communication and listening skills
• Excellent manual dexterity for dental tool operation
• Superior attention to detail

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section of your resume is your chance to talk about your past experiences. If you pick and choose your greatest moments and follow the dental resume template for Word, your work history section could be highly effective.

• Use strong, vivid action words.
• Address important job duties from the job posting.
• Aim to use specific numbers or details.

Here are a few examples:

Dentist at Community Dental Practice / 2003-present / Raleigh, NC

• Practiced general dentistry for 120 patients
• Examined, diagnosed and treated patients
• Created a treatment plan in order to increase positive outcomes for each case

Dental Hygienist at Oral Care / 2012-present / Sacramento, CA

• Used dental cleaning tools to remove plaque from patients’ teeth
• Provided counsel to patients regarding proper dental hygiene

Dental Assistant at Dental One / 2011-present / Orlando, FL

• Maintained an orderly workspace for dental patients and practitioners
• Performed a series of four tasks, including taking vital signs, before examination
• Ensured that patient records were accurate

Dental Laboratory Technician at DentaTech / 2000-present / Hagerstown, MD

• Built dental appliances based on specific orders from dentists
• Used models of patient’s mouths in order to ensure the right shape

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

A few best practices for composing your education section include:

• It’s important to include a strong education section for jobs working in dentistry. This way, you can show off your extensive background of knowledge in dental practices, as seen in the dental resume template for Word.
• Start with your highest degree or your most recent certifications and training.
• Unless you graduated recently, it’s not necessary to list your college GPA.

Here is what this section could look like:

Laser Dentistry Certification / 2014
University of Maryland School of Dentistry / DDS Dentistry / 1999
Ball State University / BS Biology / 1992
Minor in Organic Chemistry

Bloodborne Pathogen Training / 2015
Dental Assistant Certification / Community College of Wake County / 2005
Coursework in Dental Physiology and Sanitation Standards
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