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Even while pursuing your graduate studies in business, you may encounter the opportunity to get a head start on your career. However, securing a job as an MBA fresher can be difficult, given your busy school schedule (coupled with the fact that you may lack extensive professional experience). A good resume can still help convince employers to give you a chance. The MBA fresher resume template for Word and writing tips provided here will help you organize your professional information into a well-composed summary statement, along with detailed sections describing your skills, education, and work experience.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

What job recruiters see in your summary statement may be what convinces them to continue reading your entire resume. Yours should convey enough information to pique their interest, yet still only occupy about three sentences in your resume (just as you see in the MBA fresher resume template for Word).

To create an effective summary statement, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Only mention skills and experience related to the job you are applying for

  • Save the details regarding what you list here for later in your resume

  • Be sure to relate your status as a graduate student

Use these examples as a guide when creating your own summary statement:

Example 1

  • Current MBA student seeking opportunities to require work experience

  • Work history includes time spent as a corporate budget analyst

  • Three-time dean’s list honoree while pursuing undergraduate degree in accounting.

Example 2

  • MBA program enrollee looking to acquire further real-world work experience

  • Undergraduate degrees in both psychology and computer science

  • Two years of previous professional experience as a business intelligence analyst

Example 3

  • Aspiring professional in search of career advancement opportunities while pursuing MBA

  • Previous experience includes three years spent as an account executive

  • Strong understanding of business management philosophies acquired while obtaining bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Example 4

  • MBA student with 5 years of experience in personnel management.

  • Bachelor’s degree in business informatics with an emphasis on analytics

  • Seeking work experience to apply concepts being learned through graduate coursework

Writing Your Skills Section

Your educational pursuits, combined with your previous work experience, have no doubt helped you develop a strong skill set. Your ability to convey that to employers gives them the confidence needed to consider you for their job openings. Mirror your list of skills to those you see included in the MBA fresher resume template for Word, paying close attention to the following points:

  • Remember to include a combination of technical expertise and applicable soft skills

  • Only list as skills those attributes that offer value, omitting anything that could be considered a general expectation

  • Avoid using too much industry-specific jargon when describing your technical expertise

Review the list below to get an idea of what skills employers may expect to see on an MBA fresher resume:

  • Strong understanding of business administration principles, including personnel and resource management and corporate governance

  • Familiar with standard business intelligence security protocols and compliance standards

  • Adept at applying acquired knowledge into everyday business operations

  • Excellent analytic and communication skills

  • Outstanding memory retention that assists in comprehending and applying new concepts immediately upon learning

Writing Your Work History Section

Depending on the stage of your career, you may or may not have a large pool of previous work experience to pull from. Remember that internships, job shadowing assignments, and even volunteer work can provide relevant experience. Provide details of those experiences that apply to the position you are seeking, in the same manner as has been done in the MBA fresher resume template for Word. Keep the following tips in mind when describing your work history:

  • Only list experiences (including internships) with work related to job you are applying for

  • Detail your experience using the same language you see in a job listing

  • Begin your bullet points with action words rather than passive phrases

Listed below are examples of how your work experience bullet points should be formatted:

  • Managed office staff of 15 for local roadway maintenance provider

  • Filled in for senior executive on sabbatical in 2014

  • Completed internship in corporate office of regional healthcare organization

  • Coordinated with local software firm to create mobile app for local business as part of senior capstone project

  • Contributed to process improvement initiatives that resulted in organization-wide 30 percent decrease in wasted supply expenses

Writing Your Education Section

Notice how the MBA fresher resume template for Word notes a current enrollment in an MBA program. Typically, you would only list the highest degree you have completed in this section, yet detailing your current graduate studies is acceptable when it has been stated previously that you are currently a student. Remember these important tips when preparing the information for this section:

  • Make it a point to note that you are currently enrolled in a degree program
  • Only list your undergraduate GPA if you recently completed your degree
  • Do not detail your high school education (completion of high school is assumed when you are pursuing a graduate degree)

Detail your education in the following manner:

Example 1

  • Master of Business Administration – Current
  • Baylor University – Waco, TX
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting – 2010
  • University of Houston – Houston, TX

Example 2

  • Master of Business Administration – Current
  • Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, VA
  • Bachelor of Arts in English – 2014
  • George Mason University – Fairfax, VA
  • Graduating GPA: 3.7
  • Coursework included Technical Writing, Crucial Conversations and Professional Publication Writing
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